Censored Uncensored



I’m one full week in to my copywriting course and I’m already finding myself holding back. Each section of the course has various assignments that need to be completed before the following week and in this first section one of the assignments is to be shocking. Write about a topic that would shock your most meaningful editor, your mom, your pastor or whomever you hold as an important critic in your life.

I chose my mom. Now you don’t have to turn in the assignment or ever show that person what you wrote but the idea is to get yourself to find your true inner voice. To unleash the beast within in order to become a better and more aware writer. Even though I know my mom will never read the half page of copy I wrote I still couldn’t manage to un-censor myself.

I’m pretty much an open book when I’m talking to people. I can ramble on about myself and my life for hours on end but when it comes to writing I do feel restrained. Not only is there physical proof of the things I’m thinking but I’ve been trained to write a specific way and to be professional or academic for the most part.

Even when I’m writing in this very blog I find myself editing as I type to stay positive or not to touch on specific topics out of precaution that I might offend someone. From here on out I have to change my own self censorship in order to be a better writer and better blogger.

Do you censor yourself when you write or blog? What ways do you keep from silencing yourself?



Why 2013 Is Going To Be My Bitch – Part 1


Being that there is less and five days until the New Year I’ve been thinking about my resolutions and settled on a few good ones that I’d really like to stick to this time around. I love to write. I’ve referenced my writing passion in a few posts, which you can take the time to find archived if you wish. I don’t write nearly as much as I would like to and that can be chalked up to laziness and writing blocks.

Also, reading is another passion of mine. When I was a kid I would stay up really late reading books in my room with a flashlight. Actually I’ve done that all my life. I devour books and can’t put them down until they are completely done. Don’t get me started on book series, I could read each book back to back and never want them to end.

What does any of this have to do with anything? Well, as much as I would love to be a full time writer and reader I’d settle on being a full time copywriter. For Christmas I asked Santa Justine for the copywriting self study course by Ashley Amirge of The Middle Finger Project. Justine came through and now I am the proud student of this awesome course.

The Middle Finger Project -Copy-writing Workshop

It’s an eight week self study course filled with videos, assignments, and in depth knowledge of becoming a successful copywriter. I’m excited because this way I’ll be able to use my already impressive writing skills to become a full time self sufficient contractor. Hopefully by the end of the course I’ll have the beginnings of a well put together portfolio and at the very least have new skills to make this blog even better.

2013 is going to be my bitch because I’m going to finally escape the confines of a traditional 9-5.

Bring it on 2013. I hope you’re ready.


Happy Fucking Friday


Just like the past two Fridays I had a nice little review of a Midtown establishment that I had visited earlier in the week ready and raring to post. I went to Little Relics in Midtown and seen a bunch of stunning artworks that I took pictures of and wanted to show to all of you readers. I love representing awesome people and debuting some kick-ass stuff that’s local to Sacramento.

But then I did a Google search to find out how to make my blog my main source of income. How can I turn this blog into something that I can do for a living? I love writing. Ideas pop into my head at the oddest of times, they make me want to write them down and share them with the world. These ideas come to me when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning,  when I’m driving too close to the car infront of me while I commute to work, when I harness the dogs to take them outside.

Seriously, writing is possibly my most favorite thing to do other than reading and crafting. So of course I would be entrepreneurial and make it even more worth my while. If you were to go to Google right now and search, “How to make money blogging,” You would be bombarded with search results. I tried clicking my way through the result vomit and it was as if I was wading through to the most specific and absolutely perfect resource for me.

I found – The Middle Finger Project.  Ashley Ambirge got my attention straight away because she loves to cuss on her blog. Seriously this bitch seems crazy. She’s a woman after my own heart. It has taken me almost every ounce of energy I have not to curse while I type because even though I graduated with honors in communication I love to cuss my ass off. Yea yea yea I know it makes the curser come across as uneducated and what-have-you, but Ashley Ambirge cussed her way to $97k last year. So hmph.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. I seriously admire this lady, she has grabbed life by the balls and started her business and took off running with it. I am going to study her free e-course because I’ll be damned if by this time next year I am still working an office job slaving away for inconsiderate, self-absorbed bosses because I want to by my own inconsiderate, self-absorbed boss!

I have a lot of research to continue and reading ahead of me but I am actually energized to get this damn ball rolling.

Have a fantastic rest of your Friday and even more kick-ass weekend!