Why 2013 Is Going To Be My Bitch – Part 2



As we all know on Tuesday 2013 began but what you didn’t know was that a little part of me was stuck in 2012. I lazed around literally all day watching an Alien movie marathon. I spent time cuddling with the pups, snacking on party leftovers and just over all relaxing with Justine. It felt good but a part of me, the 2013 part, was making me feel guilty for basking in the extra day of laziness.

Many people have resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking or dealing crack, finally clean under their bed. Whatever you resolve to do this year I hope you make it through and conclude this year thinner, sans-cigarettes, crackless and with a clean bed. But for me, the only thing I resolve to do is be a better me.

Like many people I too wish to shed a few dozen unwanted pounds but I can’t do that unless I be the best me I can imagine. I’m not going to be so lazy. I’m not going to be so defeated before even trying. I’m not going to be so down and blue and negative about everything.

Instead I’m being proactive by starting to tackle projects I’ve put off in fear of failing. I’m slowly but surely changing my daily eating habits. I’m also looking for the positives in situations and trying to not dwell on the “what if’s.”

Another non-resolution I have is to finish a story I started writing about 4 years ago and try to get it self published. To add more fuel to the fire The Beast Bakery will be relaunching in March. It’s not what you think and I hope to surprise a lot of you with the changes to come.

What are you resolving to do this year?



Plan B 2.0 – Virtual Baking. What?!


The Beast Bakery didn’t go as planned. Yea we know already. So what is a little baker to do? How does a baker bake without a bakery? How many times can I use the word ‘bake’ in a paragraph. Or hell a blog post?! A butt load so get ready.

Due to the fact that there is no real bakery, The Beast Bakery instead will be a virtual bakery. A what? I will bake from little kitchen here at my little house in my little town. Instead of striving for an unattainable physical location, the use of my very own kitchen will do. I mean it has done so well since I began so it will have to do for the immediate future.

Also, since I won’t be driving around peddling baked goods to cookie fiends, I’m going to be teaching you, my lovely readers, how to bake, decorate and DIY the hell out of some baked goods. All you have to do is check back to the blog every now and again for all the new wonderfulness that is planned.

Deal? Deal. I’d shake on it but I don’t know where your hand has been, so we’ll fist bump instead. *fist bump*

Now on to the good stuff. What are you in for you ask?


My original recipes, recipes that have been passed down to me and even some I’ve altered over time.



Step by step guides on how to bake, decorate, and DIY all kinds of sugary goodness.

Everyone LOVES Pinterest. I bet you’ve seen tutorials and recipes on Pinterest tried them at home and been like, “WTF. My cupcakes look like dog poop. Why don’t they look like these beautiful masterpieces on Pinterest?!” I’ll be reviewing pins and tell you what’s really up and how to tweak specific pins to work best for you, a real person.

I’m getting married (civilly unioned actually since same-sex marriage isn’t “legal” in the great state of California) in less than 9 months so be prepared for wedding updates and some other daily shenanigans.

Excitement cannot define how I feel about The Beast Bakery 2.0. PLUS, by mid-October there might be a Cookie Club you can sign up for to receive a “Cookie of the Month.” Hot damn! I’m in business again!

I want to hear from you- Are you in? Are you excited about the awesomeness headed your way?


It All Started With a Text Message


Let’s start at the beginning shall we? The last Friday in March I received a call from a strange long distance phone number. Immediately I dismissed it as a wrong number or telemarketer and went on my merry way.

Two days later the same number text me. This time I decided to read what this person had to say. To my surprise I had won something from filling out the endless amounts of entry forms from wedding/bridal shows I had recently frequented. The texter had informed me that I had won a DIY facial for me and my bridal party at a local Mary Kay studio.

I love all things that are free so I quickly informed my bridesmaids and only my Maid of Honor could attend. I RSVPed and that following Sunday I was in a Mary Kay studio with Lisa by my side ready to get our facial scrub on.

To be completely honest I thought that I would attend this free event, listen to the spiel and go about my day. I even joked with Lisa about how I didn’t want to be suckered into joining/paying for anything because we need every penny we earn for our wedding. But something happened, as we washed chatted about makeup, washed our faces and learned a little about the Mary Kay back story I become more and more interested.

As a young child my mother was a Mary Kay consultant and I remember attending late night meetings with her and playing with all of her left over samples. I remember the pink mirrors and using the tiny capsule like perfume samples as my Barbie’s accessories. I also remember the frustration my mom went through and the negativity that also stems from knowing the overly needy/down right annoying Mary Kay pusher that seems to be at every workplace.

By the end of our facials I decided I would take up the consultant’s offer of getting to know the program a little better. We met up for coffee a couple nights later and after many hours of debating and researching I made up my mind and took the plunge.

The main reason I have become a consultant is to make a little extra money for our wedding. I plan on putting 80-90% of what I make towards funding our wedding/honeymoon. I have been in the program now for about a little over three weeks and the amount of hours in a day seems to be dwindling into seconds. I have made a couple hundred dollars and have put a portion into savings but also used some for play money and mostly reinvesting into my business.

I would love to make Mary Kay a solid fixture in my life but until I go part time at my “real” job it will just have to be a part time thing. Just coming from a multi-unit meeting my motivation is high and already I have sent out a few calls/texts to keep the momentum going. Succeeding will  take time and dedication and mostly planning. Time management is going to become a priority because if I want to make enough for our wedding this will have to work.