2014 – The Year of Change



It’s finally 2014. A new year and a new chance to do things right this time. Although it seems silly to wait until January 1st to pursue new hobbies, diets, exercising routines, etc. there is just something about the beginning of a new year that makes the future seem hopefully and anything attainable.

2013 as a whole was full of ups and downs. Very high highs and drastically low lows. There were times that I just wished time could stand still and yet pray for days to fly by. I married my best friend and we started the process to begin our family. I left one job to try something different. I managed to lose a little bit of weight only to gain some of it back during The Holidays, but I am ok with that.

Below is a list of my New Year’s Resolutions, although it is more a list of promises I’d like to keep for myself. Resolutions2

I’ve wanted to try my hand at yoga for sometime now because I find it fascinating. But, after watching a yoga video on Youtube a year or so ago and trying to bend and flex my pudgy body into even the simplest poses I gave up. Embarrassed in my own home, and I chalked it up to being a thin person’s exercise that I would try at a much later date when I wouldn’t get winded trying to touch my toes. Recently I found a few Instagram accounts of plus sized yogis bending and stretching and it gave me hope that even though I may be bigger than some, I could do yoga just the same. I’m excited to see where this new exercise takes me.

Another positive healthy promise I have for myself is to make better eating choices. Sometimes, ok most of the time, I make poor eating choices out of laziness or convenience. I’ve decided I want to try eating a Paleo diet and have done some research on what that will entail. I’m interested in the Paleo diet because it allows me to eat enough food without feeling restricted as long as the food isn’t processed or heavy on carbs. I think it’s something I can do and hopefully it will help me lose a few pounds to aid in the baby making process.

My third resolution to take better care of myself overall is a culmination of things. I tend to put others wants in front of my own, and I weigh people’s opinions of me heavily and I’m over it. At the end of the day I have to be the one living my life not letting others dictate it for me. Also, I’m lazy and don’t take the time to get pedicures or massages. I never meditate or reflect on a positive self image. I am excruciatingly hard on myself and I need to start practicing more self love and acceptance. I’m my worst critic and I need to start easing up so I can grow instead of harbor hurt feelings or notions of failure. I try to be humble but sometimes I should toot my own horn because not many people do it for me.

Lastly, I want to focus more on this blog, my writing and photography. I enjoy writing more than anything and I take pride in capturing moments on camera. I haven’t dedicated nearly enough time out of fear it won’t be good enough for readers or viewers. I hold myself back for reasons I’m still learning but I want to continue growing my writing abilities and photography skills.

Overall, this next year will be full of self growth and acceptance I’m finally ready for it. I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I’ve always thought that once I’m thin things will get much better and I can be a happier healthier me. But, why wait for something that may never come? I’m fully worth time and effort to be put back into myself that I put out to others.

I finally ready to say goodbye to 2013. Hello 2014.






Holidays & Ahas


I’m the kind of gal that loves “The Holidays.” No, I’m not referring to an indie rock band you probably haven’t heard of, but the time of year between the Wednesday before Thanksgiving up until New Years Day.

It gives me a sense of comfort and joy. I love the cold weather and the emails about sales every other day in my inbox. The fact that everyone just accepts that they are probably going to gain at least 5lbs. I especially love the music. This year I started listening to Christmas music almost immediately after Halloween. I paced myself though, by only allowing myself to listen to an hour of the Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora. (Which you should probably add to your Pandora stations if you haven’t already.)


This holiday season I will probably listen to these albums over and over and of course many more not shown. My Pandora stations will range from jazzy-holiday mixes to pop versions of Santa Baby and with every song my soul with glow with Christmas cheer.


On Black Friday I partook in the shopping festivities however unlike last year I actually slept until 8am, rolled out of bed and then went shopping. I wasn’t about to jump head first into the craziness alone two years in a row. I’ll wait until next year when hopefully I have a shopping buddy to go with me. Once shopping was over I busted out the good ‘ole Christmas box, dusted it off and began to decorate our humble little home, while listening to Christmas music. Duh. I remembered that the following weekend I had opened a bottle of my favorite wine and didn’t want it to go to waste. So, I had a glass. Or two. Or three.



Justine and I went out and snagged a pretty cute tree and I dressed it up in our Christmas best. Zoey thinks it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever seen because unlike the last few years we didn’t put it up on a side table so the dogs can’t get to it. Instead this year we placed it on the floor and so far so good. We still have a month until Christmas so believe me I’ll be watching those bad pups like a holiday hawk.



Enough with the holidays already, let’s move on to the aha moments I had this weekend. On Saturday evening Justine and I headed over to our close friends, Adam & Laura’s new house. We ate, drank and played board games. As the night progressed we were tipsy and dancing and talking about life. Even while being fairly intoxicated I had an “aha! moment.” I realized a lot about how I’ve been living my life in beast mode. Head down, moving full force forward not taking time to actually enjoy being in my twenties.

My teenage years were a blur because all I wanted to do was get out of high school, get out of college, and be an adult. Well here I am. I’m an adult and what have I been doing? Trying to conquer every major life event so that I can feel accomplished and successful. But, I haven’t taken a moment to step back and think about how far I have come and reflect on what I have accomplished.



Being 24 years old, I’ve already done so much and I have a lot to be thankful for and proud of. I need to slow my roll and enjoy the little things.

I’m thankful for everything I have and for all of you.