Need for Speed – Surprise Movie Review Friday!



If you love the rumble, the grumble, the roar and growl for big block engines and wide piped exhausts. The screeching and screaming of tires gripping and turning around corners to shave milliseconds during a high speed race. The glistening, gleaming, glittering paint on fast, strong, beautiful American muscle. Need for Speed should certainly  be the top on your “Need to See” movie list.

Now let me start by saying I may be a girly girl and know the slightest thing about cars but I do know a lot about movies and about what I like. I love old school American muscle and the majority of this movie was full of glorious and gorgeous American made cars from Dodge, Chevy and Ford.  I don’t even like Ford’s but the Mustangs in this movie made me drop my side-eye and feel all tingly inside. Near the end of the film the American cars seemed to have disappeared and high end, multi-million dollar European vehicles popped up left and right. The race scenes were full of shaky-camera effects making it seem like you were in the driver’s seat while twisting and flying down open streets which was an added bonus having seen it in 3D. Although the 3D didn’t add too much to the experience, meaning it wouldn’t be needed to shell out the extra couple bucks per ticket.

The acting could have been better but for an action movie it exceeded my expectations. The story line was weak, but I always enjoy a good revenge plot. It was a little muddled as to why the two lead characters had such a rivalry. The viewer is just supposed to “know why” and even though new reasons arise their back-story could have been explained in depth so it would make more sense. Early on in the film, like within the first 15 minutes,*SPOILER ALERT* the entire movie was predicted by one of the main characters. Foreshadowing is usually rather subtle but director Scott Waugh doesn’t understand subtlety very well.

It was nice seeing Aaron Paul not being a crackhead but he doesn’t play vengeance filled racer nearly as well as a tweaking drug addict. Imogen Poots was adorable and British and the supporting cast was around for tons of well placed laughs and much needed comic relief that kept the film rolling smoothly. The villain was  outlandishly evil and Michael Keaton plays crazy millionaire well, I mean come on now, he’s Beetlejuice. Time and space were used interchangeably because there were moments I thought, “Holy crap. How’d he get there so fast?” Or “Really?” Streets in bustling cities were almost always empty and cops were practically non-existent in rural towns and even in some larger cities. Of course during the important, climaxing, super charged race scenes cops swarmed the screen but not surprisingly were horrible at high speed pursuits.

If you’re going in expecting a newer faster version of the video game or an alternative to the Fast & Furious franchise you may be disappointed. However, overall this film was unexpectedly a fun joy ride and chalked full of fast paced, high intensity race scenes, obvious romantic situations, funny comic relief and beautifully loud cars. I’d suggest going into this film open minded.

Rating: B+


Movie Review Monday – TED


Alright, I have to admit it was about time that I went to the movies to see a movie that is rated over PG. For this Movie Review Monday I went all out and watched a Rated R movie. Oh yea. I’m tough stuff. Ha. Ha… ahhhhh.

 Anyways, on July 4th Justine and I had the day off and instead of battling the crowds to see the new Spiderman movie (that I’m not too enthused to actually see) we chose Ted instead. I’ve been hearing outstanding reviews from friends on Facebook, co-workers and overhearing people in public. It was as if everyone was talking about Ted. Having had a teddybear myself for the past 19 years of my life I figured oh hell why not.

We went to the earliest showing just in case everyone and their grandma who couldn’t get into Spiderman decided to see Ted instead. But, to my surprise the theater was less and 1/3 full and I just love it when you get to sit in a theatre full of respectable movie patrons that don’t talk or text or act ridiculous in public. I had a feeling immediately after the first film trailer that my stomach might just get a good workout.

Ted was full of laughs. I felt like I was watching an episode of Family Guy, I love the show so of course I enjoyed the movie. One thing that I could have done without was all the racist jokes. I mean yea, I know that Family Guy is chalked full of off hand jokes about race but still even then it irks me a little bit. Either way I got over it and chuckled when appropriate and cackled most other times.

The story line was in no way original, but then again it’s a Seth MacFarlane movie so of course it would have a dumb male main character, smoking hot female lead and a talking animal sidekick. Have you seen any of his work? Hmmm? With that being said I loved Mila Kunis as the smoking hot female lead. She’s gorgeous and witty and in most of Seth MacFarlane’s work so it was fitting.

This movie was so funny and obviously not intended to be a children’s movie even though the film’s namesake is a talking teddy bear. Don’t be fooled by his plush demeanor, this little bear can out-curse even the dirtiest sailors. The movie does run a little long as the official runtime is 1 hr 55 minutes and there are a few dry moments. The “Fuck You Thunder” song is pretty hilarious. The ending is predictable but then again this is a total stoner movie.

If you are going into this thing with high hopes, (see what I did there?) you may not enjoy it fully. Take it for what it’s worth, a humourous, non-serious, feel good movie that will have you laughing until you fart. Ok maybe not the last part but you will laugh a lot, unless you have no sense of humor, then why waste the money? Go see Moonrise Kingdom, whatever that is.

I give this movie:  (3 our of 5)


Movie Review Monday – Brave


Ok, I did it. I finally ventured to the movie theater to see Brave. I have to admit that going into this movie I was pumped and a little nervous because I know that I tend to amp things up a bit when it comes to Disney/Pixar films.

Anyways, last Tuesday my friend, Jayme, and I went to the local movie theater and enjoyed 100 minutes of pure Disney/Pixar magic. Like all other Pixar films this one started off with a Pixar short. La Luna was so outstandingly touching I welled up and had to suppress my urge to cry like a little baby. It is seriously one of the best Pixar shorts I have seen in awhile. The score for this short film was perfect and the storyline was original. From now on I’m going to think of the moon littered with stars every time I look up into the night sky. Thanks Disney/Pixar.

Brave started off uber-cute with little toddler Merida being adorable. Then cut to a few minutes later when Merida is a full on angsty teenager. This portion of the movie was a little painful to sit through as an adult. The mom (who surprisingly isn’t dead like most other Disney films) was being her typical overbearing motherly-self & just portraying the obvious mom character. Merida however was doing the most. At all times she was beyond whiny and bothersome trying to carve her own future instead of following tradition.

As a kid at heart I understood her want and need to be original but as an adult I wanted to slap her across her face with her own fluffy red hair. There were times in the film that I could understand why some parent’s with younger kids may have to cover their eyes. For example, there were a few rather violent bear fights that resulted in a few boo-hoos from children in the audience. But one thing I didn’t expect in this or any Disney/Pixar film were all the boobs and butts.

I’m talking jiggly, probably size 40-DD breastesses that adorned a little house servent named Maudie. Her cleavage was everywhere in the film. Not to mention a funny little scene that ended in a little bear cub diving face first into the abyss between her breasts. No joke. Then there were about 10 male butts that tramped across the screen after a bear chasing mishap. That got a bunch of giggles. Well done Pixar for keeping adults and children entertained.

Overall the storyline was a little unoriginal but this film was definitely worth the hype. I even went and seen it again with my fellow Disney-fanatic and movie enthusiast, Adrianna. The first time around I shed a few tears but the second time I was able to contain myself. What I think this Disney/Pixar film has over the last few was the mom factor. The main character was having direct conflict with the mother-figure that they had to resolve and by adding that element to the story really makes this an amazing mother-daughter movie. Something that Disney has been lacking for ages.

I gaurantee that if you take your mom to see this movie you can’t help but want to give her a big fat hug afterward and thank her for everything. They really should have released this on or before Mother’s Day. Poor planning on their marketing departments part but hey buy it for your mom for Christmas or her birthday.  The one thing I wish they had more of was the fucking adorable little brother bears. They were seriously only bears for like 5-10 minutes of the entire movie.

I give this movie:  (5 out of  5)


Movie Review Monday – Madagascar 3



I am a total sucker for kids movies. I love all things animated especially if it is from Pixar or DreamWorks. I remember watching the first installment to the Madagascar franchise and I nearly peed my pants because it was such a riot.  My favorite character is King Julien because he is beyond ridiculous and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him for a day. One day, that’s it. No more no less, just one day, because I would be afraid of spending anymore time with him.

Justine and I headed to the flick this Saturday and I went into it hoping that I wouldn’t leave hating it. Surprisingly I found it entertaining the whole way through. Justine mentioned that around the 45-50 minute mark she started to get a little bored, however I found myself chuckling along with the kids and one very joyous man sitting in the front with his date sans children.


Maybe it is because I am such a big kid at heart but the jokes that are meant for kids are still humourus for adults. Not to mention the grown up jokes are rather funny and well worth the wait. The one character I found awkward and a little too intense was Captain Chantel DuBois. The fact that she is probably more animalistic than the animals that are trying to make their way back home to NYC was a fresh take on this seven year old franchise and storyline. There were times during the film where I felt a little freaked out by her, I could only imagine how she came across to the kids in the audience.

The storyline was clear and for a children’s/family movie it was a fun adventure that lasted 93 minutes. It will entertain young children, give a few chuckles to the angsty teens, and deliver a good volume of laughs to adults and parents. For further details on plot, characters, etc. checkout the Madagascar 3 page here.

Overall I would give this film:       (4 out 5)

 Keep up the good work DreamWorks!