Why 2013 Is Going To Be My Bitch – Part 2



As we all know on Tuesday 2013 began but what you didn’t know was that a little part of me was stuck in 2012. I lazed around literally all day watching an Alien movie marathon. I spent time cuddling with the pups, snacking on party leftovers and just over all relaxing with Justine. It felt good but a part of me, the 2013 part, was making me feel guilty for basking in the extra day of laziness.

Many people have resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking or dealing crack, finally clean under their bed. Whatever you resolve to do this year I hope you make it through and conclude this year thinner, sans-cigarettes, crackless and with a clean bed. But for me, the only thing I resolve to do is be a better me.

Like many people I too wish to shed a few dozen unwanted pounds but I can’t do that unless I be the best me I can imagine. I’m not going to be so lazy. I’m not going to be so defeated before even trying. I’m not going to be so down and blue and negative about everything.

Instead I’m being proactive by starting to tackle projects I’ve put off in fear of failing. I’m slowly but surely changing my daily eating habits. I’m also looking for the positives in situations and trying to not dwell on the “what if’s.”

Another non-resolution I have is to finish a story I started writing about 4 years ago and try to get it self published. To add more fuel to the fire The Beast Bakery will be relaunching in March. It’s not what you think and I hope to surprise a lot of you with the changes to come.

What are you resolving to do this year?



Building a Beast


For the past week I’ve been creating a monster. Literally. I’ve turned into a bit of a beast myself trying to get this business going. I’ve filled out all the forms needed to start a business in the County of Sacramento. I’ve even been in contact with local city administrators making sure that my business will in no way be breaking the law.

I’m going legit. Like I’ve stated before, I have never been more passionate about a business endeavor in my life.

Tonight I launched my IndieGoGo campaign for The Beast Boutique. I have never been more terrified in my life. The idea of failure is ultimately what is getting to me, but I can’t fail unless I try. I have to remind myself that no matter what happens at least I took the first step to something great.

If I don’t get fully funded the money that is donated will go towards purchasing the truck and starting the renovations. After that money is completely spent I will be trecking around Sacramento to local banks to get a small business loan because no matter what this thing will happen. This dream of furthering the handmade movement and boosting awareness to the Sacramento craft scene is too meaningful to me to just let it fall by the wayside. It needs to happen.

If you can take the time to head over to my IndieGoGo campaign and watch the video it would mean the world to me. Please share it via FB, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, whatever it is that you do.

Thank you so much, because without you this thing wouldn’t happen.