Django Date Night!


It’s Friday and so you know what that means ladies and gents – tonight is DATE NIGHT! For those of you that are parents who don’t have babysitters or are dateless you can live vicariously through me via this post. Let’s begin shall we? I believe we shall.

Although Justine and I will be partaking in the traditional “Dinner and a Movie Date” tonight will be a little different. Being that we are the standard “Butch and Femme” lesbian couple and Justine presumes the boy role in our relationship, she usually takes me out on a date. Tonight it’s my turn and I’m taking her out.


I’m wearing the above outfit on our date: my brand new amazing Old Navy sweater that I received as a Christmas gift, my over-sized Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Disneyland, a pair of black leggings and my favorite warm snuggly boots from Target. The perfect laid back outfit for a laid back date night.

First we’ll be headed to an awesome little restaurant called Buckhorn Grill. Some coworkers introduced me to this place last week and it was pretty delicious. The tri-tip sandwich was mouthwatering and even though I ordered the smaller sandwich it was super filling. I hope Justine enjoys this place and hopefully it won’t be as packed as it was last Friday at lunchtime.

After dinner we’ll make our way to the local movie theater to see Django Unchained. I’ve heard plenty of good things about this movie and I’m actually really excited to see it. I haven’t exactly asked Justine if she wanted to see it but since I’m the one doing the wine-ing and dining I think I get to choose the movie. That’s how it works isn’t it?

On a side note I’ll probably be posting a “Movie Review Monday” post about this movie so keep a lookout.

What are your plans for tonight?



So You Failed Kid, Now What?


Hello. My name is Erika and I’m a failure. In so many ways I’m coming to accept this statement. What did I fail at you ask? Oh just my campaign to raise funds via “Crowd Sourcing” or “Crowd Funding” whichever you choose. Basically, a little over 50 days ago I set up a campaign through to raise enough money to start a business. At first I was determined to have a mobile boutique, but unfortunately thanks to local and state regulations I was given a no-go on permits and licenses until further notice.

I quickly bounced back from that minor setback and decided that I would go all in, I mean really go big or go home, and change-up the campaign to fund my ultimate dream of owning my own bakery and having it be mobile at that! Genius! Ideas were flowing through my mind like butter through the nooks and crannies of a waffle being absorbed and turning something good into something great.

I was unstoppable. Well kind of, road blocks started popping up but I didn’t let them stop me. I kept on persisting, plugging away telling everyone and everything in my immediate path about my campaign. I reached out to a local mobile food truck and they allowed me to tag along one evening to give away cupcakes and fliers.

I crashed another local food gathering to hand out fliers. I left them on tables and even with a few vendors. I was on a mission to succeed. For a long time I thought I would. I believed 110% that I would get funded and be able to make my business a full-time job. The song “Eye of the Tiger” played in my mind 24/7 and I’m sure that if there was a set of particularly high stairs I would jog up them and triumphantly pump my fists into the air while jumping.

About two weeks into the campaign I was 1% funded and things came to a screeching halt. No more donations were coming in. I thought it was a lull. I kept on promoting and giving away freebies. I talked everyone’s ear off about my business and campaign. Still nothing. I even reached out to a local radio station that has a very funny and helpful morning show. They denied me any assistance and I went on my merry way.

I thought it was a rough patch and I would get through it. As time went on and still no donations were coming in I made a last-ditch attempt to getting funded and began seeking loans from small business associations and banks. Nope. Dry as the Mohave Desert.

As my deadline approached I came to accept that regardless of how hard I tried I wasn’t getting any farther and with that I laid my head in shame and took my lashings of failure. Now, don’t think I’m bitter or giving up in any way. Not at all. In fact I am taking the donations that were provided by my truly amazing supporters and putting it towards the Beast Bakery regardless.

I am rethinking and re-evaluating my initial plan and coming next week I will be announcing my Beast Bakery 2.0 plan. Plan B if you will.

I’m just as excited and eager to get this show on the road. Someday I will have my mobile bakery. You will see me rolling down the streets of Sacramento selling cookies and various baked goods.

Until then I want to thank my true supporters: Jayme Burnside, Sam Barnes, Kelly Dunham, Douglas Craig, and my mom and dad for donating to the Beast Bakery. Your perks will be in the mail shortly!


A Little This and A Little That


Oh so you want to know what I’ve been up to lately outside in the real world? Ok I’ll fill you in. Besides planning our wedding and work part time as a marketing/sales slave I’ve had a secret I’ve been keeping from you all, but before we get to that let’s start with some fun stuff shall we?

Sometime last week I decided I needed to do something with my hair. I’ve been on a life changing kick so the first thing to go was my old hairstyle. My original haircut was an outgrown a-line bob and for anyone that has ever had an a-line bob they know that if you don’t keep up it up with regular trimming it’ll look real gross real fast. Well I hadn’t kept it up and I finally decided I had enough. I got my a-line trimmed to a regular bob and that way just the start. In August 2010 I bleached my entire head blond and let’s just say it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I covered it with dark brown hair color and called it a day. Well with the haircut I finally got the last bit of blond cut out and of course I would ruin my virgin hair with dye. This time I went read.

Unfortunately, you can’t see the difference but I promise I’ll get a better picture soon. Well that Saturday night I went to see Brave for the second time with Adrianna followed by a lively dinner at her favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. I ate a gross salad then sent it back even though the waitress actually tried to convince me that brown lettuce is the color lettuce should be, um no thanks lady. I spent the night alone because Justine went and visited her grandfather that recently was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia that turned into something more serious.

The following morning I ventured out to the local farmer’s market with my friend, Jayme and then we hit up Jim-Denny’s for breakfast. The restaurant has been on Man Vs. Food and is home of the “Hub-Cap” (pictured above). The food is amazing the customer service however is the worst, so beware.

I’ve been kind of stressed out lately because of the family issue we are dealing with and as a result I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. I made some bomb-ass (yes it’s a legit word) shrimp fettucini alfredo — FROM SCRATCH BITCHES! — It was amazeballs (yes another legit word). I will be posting the recipe as a Tasty Tuesday next week, you’re welcome. I also baked some delicious chocolate white chocolate chip cookies. Again amazing and it will be a future Tasty Tuesday post. Again, you’re welcome.

Other than all the domestic shit I’ve been doing I have been scheming and planning. Here is where we get to the goods. The “TOP SECRET” mission I’ve been planning.

I’ve been spending a lot of time here at my desk (I arranged those flowers into a big ball as a trial run for a wedding post) planning a new website for a new business I will be launching September 1st. That’s all I’m telling you right now. I have a special post this weekend where I’m spilling the beans on the whole she-bang.

In the mean time here’s a sneak peek:

BTW the entire post was written while buzzed. I’ve had two glasses of wine and a malt beverage, the fact that I haven’t eaten since about 11am has these little drinks making me feel a little fuzzy. Buzzed blogging might just become a thing. 😉





Wedding Wednesday – Caterer Tasting #1


Since we have chosen our venue, The Center at 2300, they have a pre-selected group of caterers that we must choose from. Last Thursday Justine and I had our very first caterer tasting scheduled with Jackson Catering & Events, one of the pre-approved caterers.

At first when I received their initial price and menu quote they seemed lackluster and unoriginal. The menu they emailed was short and to the point, nothing fancy therefore I wasn’t looking forward to much. I figured we would go sit down and see what they would offer us, hoping they would go into further detail with their services and menu options.

The actual location is just a few streets away from our venue and in an unassuming strip-mall behind a Pizza Hut and next to a message parlor. The actual dining room was a little dingy and dark and I remember telling Justine, “Let’s just get this over with.” We were excited because it was yet another step closer to our special day but we have another caterer in mind that was far more attentive and communicative than Jackson.

When we were introduced to Richard and Evan, the caterer coordinators, our views started to change. Then the appetizers came out. Evan gave us 4 appetizers to taste: deep fried potstickers, brushetta, artichoke and cheese pinwheel pastry and a plum filled pastry bite. Everything was exceptionally tasty. Especially the brushetta and artichoke pinwheel.

After the appitizers came an outstanding fresh salad with bree and bleu cheese, orange & apple slices, and wine/vineger dressing. Delicious. Evan then brought out some side dishes including fresh grilled vegetable and roasted potatoes. The grilled vegetables were tangy yet earthy. Perfectly seasoned and slightly charred so you could taste the grilled goodness.

The main courses came out and were a slow cooked braised beef short rib in their homemade barbecue sauce. The ribs were so well cooked they fell apart on your fork and no knife was needed. They were juicy and mouth watering. The chicken caprese with an olive rague was a little over powering with the taste of the pickling vinegar. I enjoy sour flavors but this was over the top sour, the chicken was juicy and still had wonderful taste on it’s own.
After we finished our plates Evan returned to the table and sat down with us to go over their services and then gave us an updated and customized price quote. It was surprising to see how affordable they are for the quality of food they presented. I was so enveloped with the tasting experience and sheer astonishment by the flavorful food I forget to take pictures. I’ll do better next time!

We have another tasting today with a caterer that has received high praise from our venue and plenty of 5 star Yelp reviews. I’m excited for free delicous food but after this appointment Justine and I will be ready to weigh or options and decide on a caterer.

Field Trip Friday – Sacramento Piñata Festival


Earlier in the month I was invited to the the 3rd annual Piñata Festival at the Southside Park here in Sacramento by a lovely craft-friend, Rain Garcia of Rain’s Embellishments . I attended the event last Saturday, June 16th and took in the vibrant colors of piñatas hanging from booths and trees all around. Being from Hispanic descent and loving art as much as I do, the colors, festival sounds and friendly faces encompassing the park was captivating.

I started my journey through the festival by watching the Maquilli Tonatiuh Aztec Dancers that began the celebration. I stood under a large shaded tree next to families with small children and observed the little faces next to me light up with excitement as they heard the shell horn blow and watch the dancers girate to the chants of fellow performers.

After the dance performance I made my way around the booths. I stopped briefly at a few vendor booths; Chulo Baby had an adorable booth. Their onesies and various accessories with spanish phrases were too cute to pass up.

I met an elderly gentleman that only spoke Spanish, unfortunately my Spanish speaking skills are rusty. However, I did understand that he has been making piñatas since he was a child. All of the introcate and bright piñatas were handmade by him. He is a genuine artist and you can tell by looking at his artwork that he knows his craft in every way.

Another artist I came across was John S. Huerta.  He had some amazingly creative pieces of artwork displayed at his booth. I love the juxtoposition in his artwork of sugar skull design and dias de los muertos art. I especially enjoyed his Lady Gaga piece.

Lastly, I headed over to Rain’s booth and chit-chatted a bit with her about the amazing event. It was full of lively and fun piñatas and happy patrons enjoying the latin celebration. It was comforting to be around similiar ethnicities that were proud of their heritage and wanted to show off their creative works to others. I loved seeing Rain’s new jewlery pieces. She does fantastic work and I thank her for inviting me to such a wonderful gathering of food, fun and craftiness.


Wedding Wednesday – Venue Edition


We finally chose the venue where we are going to hold our ceremony and wedding reception. And to top things off we’ve already placed our deposit to hold our date on their event calendar. So it’s official- We’re getting hitched!

Last month we came across this venue after a long and tedious search and it was like a breath of fresh air. I emailed their wedding coordinator, Laurie, first to confirm that they are a gay friendly venue and to set up an initial meeting. Within hours I received a response back and Laurie was very pleasant and notified me that of course this venue is gay friendly. She continued to explain that she personally believes strongly in gay rights and supports same-sex marriage. Out of the box this place was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We set up our meeting time and later that week Justine and I arrived at the venue to take a look around.

We pulled up to the location and was stopped at the gate by a security guard. He asked who we were there to see and when we notified him that we had an appointment with Laurie he smiled and let us right in. (This place has a gate, how fancy, haha) Initially we were a little confused because the front sign posts in big letters, “SHALOM SCHOOL” and underneath in smaller letters, “The Center at 2300.” So if you are coming to our wedding, turn at the Shalom School sign. After entering the gates clearly on the left hand side of the parking lot is The Center at 2300.

We met with Laurie, explained what we want from a venue and she showed us around the grounds. We are using the courtyard (above) for our ceremony. It is completely covered by tree foliage so during the warm/hot day of our wedding at least we will have shade from the trees and no one will be in direct sunlight. That is one of my all time pet peeves for weddings is when the couple make you sit in the hot blazing sun sweating while they make promises to each other. Oye. I’m glad we thought ahead.

Now here’s the kicker. The inside of the event hall is amazingly beautiful! The neutral surroundings allow for any wedding to completely transform the room without the room taking away from the decorations. Not to mention they have an OUTSTANDING LED lighting system. We were able to take part in the package deal where we get this kick ass lighting customized to whatever we want. Take a look at some past events that were held at The Center at 2300.

Seriously stunning. There are several more photos on their website where you can check out here. I can’t wait to send out our save the dates now that we finally have our wedding date set in stone at a great venue. Wedding planning is exciting again!