Why 2013 Is Going To Be My Bitch – Part 2



As we all know on Tuesday 2013 began but what you didn’t know was that a little part of me was stuck in 2012. I lazed around literally all day watching an Alien movie marathon. I spent time cuddling with the pups, snacking on party leftovers and just over all relaxing with Justine. It felt good but a part of me, the 2013 part, was making me feel guilty for basking in the extra day of laziness.

Many people have resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking or dealing crack, finally clean under their bed. Whatever you resolve to do this year I hope you make it through and conclude this year thinner, sans-cigarettes, crackless and with a clean bed. But for me, the only thing I resolve to do is be a better me.

Like many people I too wish to shed a few dozen unwanted pounds but I can’t do that unless I be the best me I can imagine. I’m not going to be so lazy. I’m not going to be so defeated before even trying. I’m not going to be so down and blue and negative about everything.

Instead I’m being proactive by starting to tackle projects I’ve put off in fear of failing. I’m slowly but surely changing my daily eating habits. I’m also looking for the positives in situations and trying to not dwell on the “what if’s.”

Another non-resolution I have is to finish a story I started writing about 4 years ago and try to get it self published. To add more fuel to the fire The Beast Bakery will be relaunching in March. It’s not what you think and I hope to surprise a lot of you with the changes to come.

What are you resolving to do this year?



Rebooting – My Juice Fast Adventure – Day 1


Well, well, well. What do we have here? Erika fell for another diet fad? Of course! A few weeks ago my mom insisted that I watch the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” I caved in and watched it. Then I watched it again with Justine and decided that I would take the plunge and begin juice fasting. I came up with a plan and on Black Friday I went out and bought myself a brand new juicer.

I gave myself a good solid week of being a fatty and eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Saturday evening was our engagement dinner to which I engorged myself to top capacity. Yesterday I had my last hooray eating a deliciously cheesy, melty, greasy, cheeseburger and fries after consuming two cinnamon buttered rolls from Texas Roadhouse. I had a good run.



This morning I woke up excited and a little overwhelmed, got ready for work and juiced my breakfast and lunch. The picture above is my “Breakfast” Mean Green Juice. I accidently added too much ginger to this one, but now I know how much too much is. Originally I felt optimistic about the entire process I have started. This is an outstanding chance to start over. Really detox and get myself clean. I’ve been eating so much garbage I know my body needs this.



I’m not wearing makeup today because I wanted to give my face a breather. Plus I wanted to show my true emotions of the moment. I feel miserable. It’s only been twelve and a half hours and already I’m feeling starved. I have a headache, fatigue and irritability. I can only imagine that this is how drug addicts and alcoholics feel while there are rehab but unfortunately I’m not at some plush resort in a comfy bed sweating it out. I’m sitting at work trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of wanting to eat the entire left side of a McDonald’s menu.

No one said this is going to be easy and I’m only have way through day 1. God help me.




Hello, I’m Erika Ashley and I’m fat. Not circus fat or “Holy-Fat-Batman!” but if I don’t getting my eating habits under control I might be headed in that direction. We’re almost 6 months until the wedding and a few months ago I attempted to count calories and exercise religiously.

I did really well for two almost three weeks. I weighed myself often (I know strike one), didn’t consult my doctor (strike two) and then tried to keep up with those skinny fit bitches in the P90X dvds (strike three). I burned out because of over doing it. I binged on anything and everything I could eat and didn’t stop. I haven’t gained any weight and haven’t lost so there is an upside.


I thought I was doomed to be fat for the rest of my life and in a way I gave up on trying to be a healthy fit bride. Then recently a few subjects about eating habits and health have began to arise. The best man of our wedding and good friend of ours told us that him and his girlfriend have gone vegan because of a documentary they watched.


This guy, who can eat two double bacon cheeseburgers in a sitting, went vegan over a movie?! I mean I’ve seen Food, Inc. and went pescetarian for a few weeks, but full fledged vegan? I found that hard to swallow.

Then my mom told me about a documentary she watched- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and how she juice fasted for 10 days and lost nearly 15 pounds. She added that she hasn’t felt this good in a long time and that I just had to watch the movie. Mom emailed me the trailer and I watched it on my phone in between television commercials. I gave in a few days later and watched the entire film with Justine.



Immediately after finishing the movie I turned to Justine and proclaimed that I will too take the Reboot challenge. I continued to research the ins and outs of this temporary diet and found nothing but positive results. Being that the entire diet is 60 days I think I can stick with it especially because of the overall payoff.

I’m starting to practice my juice diet fast by drinking my lunches and I’ve done it for the past two days. Given that tomorrow is the day of all feasts I won’t start completely going juice only until December 2nd.

I’m excited. I think I can really do this. Have you tried juicing? What are your thoughts? I’d love to read your insight.


Learning to Live


Justine and I have been engaged for a little under four months now and since she popped the question I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. I love Justine with all my heart and she supports me in everything I do, what more can a girl ask for? I can and I have asked more of myself.

At the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would be a better version of myself. A stronger and more dedicated Erika. To be completely honest I failed pretty hard the first two months, and it wasn’t until after my 24th birthday I really started cracking down on my bad habits and negative thinking.

Starting in the beginning of February I began wearing makeup every day. Some of you ladies may think that this is a silly feat to master but for me it was a large task because it required effort. I had fallen into such a lazy slump that even waking up a a half hour earlier to do my hair and makeup was too much of a hassle. I forced myself and now it seems like second nature putting on my “face” before I head to out.

I stopped biting my nails. It helped that I got my nails done professionally for about two months in a row. However, I will admit that once I took them off I have whittled my long nails back down to nubs but I will continue to persevere. I will not give up on the goal of having average length nails.

At the beginning of April I started to eat healthier and with the exception of last week I did fairly well. I have been using the MyFitnessPal app for my phone and iPad and I am proud to announce that even with a minor hiccup I have lost 7 lbs. I want to get down to a size 12 or 14. I have a ways to go but I’m making progress.

I have also joined Mary Kay and have been trying to earn some extra money for the wedding. I enjoy the meetings and meeting new people but I may have made a mistake by spreading myself too thin and I am slightly regretting joining. I would love to pursue Mary Kay full time but until the wedding planning is over and I might have to continue it part time only.

In general things are going pretty smoothly around these parts. Sure we could use some extra money and it doesn’t help that I’m going to be working part time in June and going back to school this July but I’m trying to teach myself to slow down and do live life day by day. It’s difficult but I’m only cheating myself out of memories and experiences I have only been rushing by to get to the next time marker.

I can’t help but think of the old sitcom Step-By-Step’s intro music. “Step by step, day by day…”
I’m such a 90’s kid, ah I digress. I am back on the bandwagon and holding myself accountable for all of my actions.


The only option is to to succeed.


Womp Womp Womp


I have come to realization that I may be the worst blogger. Ever.

Anyways, recently I joined a gym and am currently taking part in a Biggest Loser Competition at work. When I first was discussing the posibility of a weigh loss competition with Justine I never would have thought that so many of my fellow co-workers would want in. I had heard about a few other people from my Facebook friends taking part in various weight loss challenges and I figured I have enough friend/co-workers that it just might work. Boy was I right.

In the first day of discussing the idea with a fellow co-worker and my supervisor 8 or so people jumped on board. Within the next day we had 11 people total. We weighed in and started the competition. Each participant has kicked in $20 and the grand prize is up to $220. Amazing. I was ( and still am) amazed by how motivated my co-workers are about getting into shape. We are calling our competition “Fit Club” and I have to say I am really proud of everyone participating.

Our final weigh in date is August 8th and I am super excited to reach my goal of 20lbs loss. I joined a gym yesterday, despite a recent ankle injury. I plan on getting back in the game ASAP and in the mean time I’ll be weight lifting and toning up before I take the plunge into cardio workouts once my ankle is fully healed.