Doing The Most



I am well known for “doing the most” when it comes to pretty much everything. For years, I’ve put a lot on my plate in every aspect of the cliché. From going to college full time and working full time while trying to start a craft business after hours.  To having about a trillion tiny details for my wedding and hand-making almost everything myself. To even now when I’m trying to get knocked up while only having a few short months left on my parent’s awesome healthcare coverage and starting a new career opportunity.

Seriously, I have to stop. But, how does one stop trying to conquer the world without feeling hopeless or like a failure? During the holiday season I do the most by hand-making most gifts and baking for an army of gift baskets. This year I’ve decided to cease handmade gifts  and instead headed to big box stores and gave my money to “The Man.” I also made the decision that since Justine and I will be traveling so close to Christmas I would for-go giving the baked gift baskets.


Not making gifts was tough because I do enjoy making things and adding the personal touch to each individual present. But, spending money instead of time did take a small chip off the block. However, with the gift baskets, it’s been a tradition for me to spend an entire weekend elbows deep in batter and chocolate; creating delicious morsels to give to adoring family and friends. This part is much more difficult for me because I too love baking.

Even though I’m excited to not do the most, I feel like it’s not me and not fully Christmas. Hopefully, in the new year I won’t feel like I have to conquer the world and instead focus on just myself and what’s important to me.

As 2013 comes quickly to a close I have been reflecting much more on who I am currently and who I want to be.

What about you?



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