A Week Without Baking



I’ve taken a week off from baking. After the initial let down of failing in my campaign endeavors I felt a little beside myself. Jumping straight into baking seemed difficult because there needs to be some time to regroup. It has been officially one entire week that I have not baked a single cooke/cake/cream puff/bread/brownie/etc. 

It’s been rough. I’ve had the urge to get in the kitchen and bust out a batch of cookies but I’ve held off a little. I will admit I have been a little down and hurt since accepting the fact that the original goal was not met. Plus, usually I bake while in happy or stressed moods, not so much when I’m down in the dumps. 

But, I’m over that now. I need to move on and keep pursuing alternatives to making this Beast Bakery take off. I still have some more planning and smoothing out details however I do feel a batch of chocolate chip cookies in my immediate future. 

Stay tuned kiddos, I’ve got some more big plans coming your way soon. Plus, there might be a chocolate chip cookie recipe/tutorial in it for you too!



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