The Birth of the Beast Boutique


Hello, I’m Erika, and I’m addicted to starting businesses. I am a natural born entrepreneur. The first business I started was a lemonade/kool-aid stand that sat out side my parent’s home every weekend in the summer. While other kids were running up and down the street playing I was earning quarters saving up for who knows what. It gave me a purpose and that’s what I enjoy most, being useful and efficient.

I’ve been planning on starting my own old business, The 23rd Year, for a few weeks now. Silently planning while slowly gaining the will power and determination to put myself out there. I had my reservations about starting a web presence consulting agency because I don’t know 100% there is to know about the topic but I was hoping I could do crash courses in SEO and social media marketing to set myself up quick enough.

Then something happened. I’ve never had that “AH-HA!” moment but yesterday morning it finally happened. I was reading the blogs I usually follow when I learned that one of the bloggers on the East Coast had opened her own mobile boutique. It hit me like a sack of bricks. Why not open one here in Sacramento?! BUT instead of selling vintage clothes and various antique items I could sell handmade items made by local crafters. Why stop there? Why not feature local artists and even fashion students that are aspiring clothing designers!?

That very moment the Beast Boutique was born in my mind. The simple seed of an idea to promote and sell items from local artists/designers/crafters in order to further the handmade movement. All I have ever wanted in life was to help build small businesses and to help other local entrepreneurs like myself succeed. Give them a chance that others wouldn’t give me. This is my way to do it.  I have never been more passionate about any other crack-pot business idea I have come up with like I am about this little mobile shop. Ever since that light bulb went off in my mind yesterday morning, it just won’t turn off. This light inside is burning so bright I have to put on sunglasses and I’m taking this energy and harnessing it to move forward.

I’m terrified that I will fail miserably but you know what? I don’t care. I have to do this. I’ve started dozens of ideas and even acted on a few but never have I ever taken myself down to Town Hall and requested the legitimate paperwork to get a business license, fictitious business name, federal tax id number or sellers permit. Since the moment I got home today from work and a minor family emergency I’ve been on the phone with various county and city administration departments figuring out the logistics to start a legit business.

I’m slowly making progress but my next real goal is starting a campaign on IndiGoGo to get funded to turn this life changing dream into a reality. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I’m finally ready for the long bumpy road ahead of me, but I know it will be well worth it.



5 thoughts on “The Birth of the Beast Boutique

  1. L

    So exciting! I love your idea. I’ve got a similar one I’m thinking for 2013.
    If you’ve got time, check it out 🙂
    I can’t wait to follow your journey 🙂
    Laura xo xo

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