Whoa-nelly. I was doing so well with the Monday-Friday posts and then I got tripped up. I started to realized, holy shit we have less then a year till our wedding. The last few days I’ve been focused on getting our wedding party request cards situated. Justine and I even stayed up way past our bedtime putting together the last finishing details. Today I’ll make the envelopes and tomorrow they will be in the mail. I have to wait until next Wednesday to post pictures of the cards because I want those that get them to be surprised. ūüôā


I’m going to be disrupting the blog post schedule because just this morning I had an¬†epiphany. It was like a gift from God straight to my¬†cerebellum.¬†Immediately¬†I knew what it is I need to do in life. I need to open a mobile boutique for the Sacramento area. The second I got out of work I called my mom and broke the news. She’s heard my crack-pot business ideas before so I was bracing myself to hear the, “Erika just stay working at your job and keep on keeping on.” But, to my surprise she thought it was a wonderful idea and is fully supporting my plan.

As soon as I got home I started researching and planning. I already have a vague business plan worked out and even a possible business partner. I cannot believe this might be a reality and I’m so glad to finally be passionate about something again.

This is just the kick in the ass I’ve needed and although there is already a mobile boutique in the area, mine will kick ass. More to come.



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