Movie Review Monday – TED


Alright, I have to admit it was about time that I went to the movies to see a movie that is rated over PG. For this Movie Review Monday I went all out and watched a Rated R movie. Oh yea. I’m tough stuff. Ha. Ha… ahhhhh.

 Anyways, on July 4th Justine and I had the day off and instead of battling the crowds to see the new Spiderman movie (that I’m not too enthused to actually see) we chose Ted instead. I’ve been hearing outstanding reviews from friends on Facebook, co-workers and overhearing people in public. It was as if everyone was talking about Ted. Having had a teddybear myself for the past 19 years of my life I figured oh hell why not.

We went to the earliest showing just in case everyone and their grandma who couldn’t get into Spiderman decided to see Ted instead. But, to my surprise the theater was less and 1/3 full and I just love it when you get to sit in a theatre full of respectable movie patrons that don’t talk or text or act ridiculous in public. I had a feeling immediately after the first film trailer that my stomach might just get a good workout.

Ted was full of laughs. I felt like I was watching an episode of Family Guy, I love the show so of course I enjoyed the movie. One thing that I could have done without was all the racist jokes. I mean yea, I know that Family Guy is chalked full of off hand jokes about race but still even then it irks me a little bit. Either way I got over it and chuckled when appropriate and cackled most other times.

The story line was in no way original, but then again it’s a Seth MacFarlane movie so of course it would have a dumb male main character, smoking hot female lead and a talking animal sidekick. Have you seen any of his work? Hmmm? With that being said I loved Mila Kunis as the smoking hot female lead. She’s gorgeous and witty and in most of Seth MacFarlane’s work so it was fitting.

This movie was so funny and obviously not intended to be a children’s movie even though the film’s namesake is a talking teddy bear. Don’t be fooled by his plush demeanor, this little bear can out-curse even the dirtiest sailors. The movie does run a little long as the official runtime is 1 hr 55 minutes and there are a few dry moments. The “Fuck You Thunder” song is pretty hilarious. The ending is predictable but then again this is a total stoner movie.

If you are going into this thing with high hopes, (see what I did there?) you may not enjoy it fully. Take it for what it’s worth, a humourous, non-serious, feel good movie that will have you laughing until you fart. Ok maybe not the last part but you will laugh a lot, unless you have no sense of humor, then why waste the money? Go see Moonrise Kingdom, whatever that is.

I give this movie:  (3 our of 5)



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