Shout Out – Stephanie Corl, Photographer


When I started my first “business” at the young age of 12, I babysat and charged fair prices for not only watching their kid but I would pick up around the house too. Customer service has always been my strong suite. I made little business cards and passed them around to all the soccer moms at my little sister’s soccer practice. I put my cards in the mailboxes of all my neighbors in a two block radius. I even made little fliers and hung them at my school and local library. I had a few steady customers that paid me well to watch their kids and even told their friends about me. I was a busy little babysitter and damn proud of it.

When I started my second business making earrings I tried to do the same thing, but this time around there were already too many people doing the same craft and my products got over looked for the flashier lasses that pimped their wares for cheaper. Why am I going on about this? Becuase sometimes you need a little shout out, someone to pimp your services or products out to get people to notice you or your cause. I am all for helping someone out because I’ve been there and I know that sometimes you need a little love.

What helped with my babysitting business all those years ago was the fact that the parent’s that I babysat for spread the good word about me and that brought me business. When I was doing earrings I rarely, if ever, got some attention thrown my way and unfortunately that little sweatshop dream faded into the distance. There is only so much an individual can do to promote themselves and all businesses/companies need attention from outside sources.

I have a friend (well she’s more than a friend she’s my best friend in the whole entire world) and she is an aspiring photographer. Her name is Stephanie Corl. We’ve known each other since senior year of high school and our friendships has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, but I love her nonetheless. She’s a traveler of sorts and probably one the most amazing baristas you’ll ever meet. The reason I wanted to post about her is because she has always taken phenominal photographs. Mostly done with an iPhone but most recently after her grandfather passed she inherited his camera.
It’s a powerful machine that was meant for her to use to capture the beauty all around. Stephanie’s grandfather must have had the same notion that I always had that someday she would find her way to the calling of photography, her true talent at heart. Although she is currently only doing photography as a hobby I truly hope that someday soon she will use her keen eye for beauty to her advantage and share her services with others.

Justine and I even plan on making our way to the bay area so that she can photograph us for some impromptu engagement photos. Just some photos we can hang around the house. Hopefully others will see this post and encourage Stephanie and show her the support she deserves.

All of the photos in this post are her works. If you would like to contact her please leave a comment and I will contact you. You can check out some more of Stephanie’s photography here at her 500px page. Keep up the great work Steph.


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