Movie Review Monday – Brave


Ok, I did it. I finally ventured to the movie theater to see Brave. I have to admit that going into this movie I was pumped and a little nervous because I know that I tend to amp things up a bit when it comes to Disney/Pixar films.

Anyways, last Tuesday my friend, Jayme, and I went to the local movie theater and enjoyed 100 minutes of pure Disney/Pixar magic. Like all other Pixar films this one started off with a Pixar short. La Luna was so outstandingly touching I welled up and had to suppress my urge to cry like a little baby. It is seriously one of the best Pixar shorts I have seen in awhile. The score for this short film was perfect and the storyline was original. From now on I’m going to think of the moon littered with stars every time I look up into the night sky. Thanks Disney/Pixar.

Brave started off uber-cute with little toddler Merida being adorable. Then cut to a few minutes later when Merida is a full on angsty teenager. This portion of the movie was a little painful to sit through as an adult. The mom (who surprisingly isn’t dead like most other Disney films) was being her typical overbearing motherly-self & just portraying the obvious mom character. Merida however was doing the most. At all times she was beyond whiny and bothersome trying to carve her own future instead of following tradition.

As a kid at heart I understood her want and need to be original but as an adult I wanted to slap her across her face with her own fluffy red hair. There were times in the film that I could understand why some parent’s with younger kids may have to cover their eyes. For example, there were a few rather violent bear fights that resulted in a few boo-hoos from children in the audience. But one thing I didn’t expect in this or any Disney/Pixar film were all the boobs and butts.

I’m talking jiggly, probably size 40-DD breastesses that adorned a little house servent named Maudie. Her cleavage was everywhere in the film. Not to mention a funny little scene that ended in a little bear cub diving face first into the abyss between her breasts. No joke. Then there were about 10 male butts that tramped across the screen after a bear chasing mishap. That got a bunch of giggles. Well done Pixar for keeping adults and children entertained.

Overall the storyline was a little unoriginal but this film was definitely worth the hype. I even went and seen it again with my fellow Disney-fanatic and movie enthusiast, Adrianna. The first time around I shed a few tears but the second time I was able to contain myself. What I think this Disney/Pixar film has over the last few was the mom factor. The main character was having direct conflict with the mother-figure that they had to resolve and by adding that element to the story really makes this an amazing mother-daughter movie. Something that Disney has been lacking for ages.

I gaurantee that if you take your mom to see this movie you can’t help but want to give her a big fat hug afterward and thank her for everything. They really should have released this on or before Mother’s Day. Poor planning on their marketing departments part but hey buy it for your mom for Christmas or her birthday.  The one thing I wish they had more of was the fucking adorable little brother bears. They were seriously only bears for like 5-10 minutes of the entire movie.

I give this movie:  (5 out of  5)



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