The Versatile Blogger Nominations


When I boast I tend to do it jokingly. More like mocking myself so that others can laugh but still think, “Hey maybe she is right. Maybe Erika is the world’s most accomplished procrastinator and all time dog-mom of the year. ” Either way I like to think that I am fairly modest and in no way egotistical.

Last Sunday, after I had posted about my fear of failure, a local Sacramento blogger, Olivia Bryon, nominated me for an amazing web-blog award. Whether or not I actually get an award is beyond my knowledge but it came at my surprise that someone actually likes what I write. Other than myself that is, because for the most part even though I am my own harshest critic I like to re-read my posts over and over again. Olivia is an amazingly constant blogger and I love that what she writes is genuine and upbeat.

She wrote a very pleasant sentiment about my blogging style and it confirmed that maybe, just maybe I should keep this up this time around. I cannot thank Olivia enough for adding fire to my passion. Even though we haven’t met in person just yet I would gladly hug the daylights out of her and give her a solid high-five as thanks.

There are rules to follow so I will now mention 7 random things about myself.

1. I am deathly afraid of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, horseflies and most other flying bugs larger than the size of a quarter. There has been many a times where I have run flailing my limbs and screaming my head off because one of the previously listed bugs has made its way into our house and flown in my general direction.

2. I hate throwing up. I went from the age of 5 to 23 without throwing up. Then one night I got drunk with my parents at a Chili’s and puked mixed drinks for about an hour the next morning. Never again.

3. I wouldn’t mind adopting an English Bulldog. Justine has always wanted one and even though we have 3 ridiculously spoiled and partially trained dogs, I would love to add a big fat fatty bully to our pack just because.

4. I want to start crafting but for some reason I’m still a little scared to start. I know I’m weird.

5. Sometimes I forget I’m fat. I’m not morbidly obese but am about eighty-hundred pounds give or take a few ounces overweight. Ok the way that reads would make me seem morbidly obese but you have to see my shape to understand.  Ha that sounds even worse. I’m going to stop here.

6. I don’t find men sexually attractive but there’s something about big muscular guys (ie. Chris Hemsworth as Thor), Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Gosling that makes me blush. It’s weird because when people ask me, if you could have sex with any celebrity and it had to be a guy, I still don’t think I could make myself actually do the dirty with any of them.

7. I used to fight the fact that I am so quirky and weird but over time I’ve come to embrace my weirdness. I love that I sing in the car all the time even though I don’t know the words. And, sometimes I dance randomly, at home, at work, in public while shopping. I just can’t help it.

OK next step: Award to 15 bloggers

These blogs I read day in and day out. Only about two of them I know in real life but here goes:

1. Pill’s Place – (We used to craft together and I wish we kept in touch after the craft group came to an end because she’s an amazing woman and I love to be a cyber-weirdo and read her blog. Sorry to sound so creepy.)

2. A Beautiful Mess – (I’ve read this blog for years.)

3. JaderBomb – (I just started reading this blog but It’s a daily occurrence now)

4. Oh So Lovely Vintage – ( I can’t get enough of this adorable blog)

5. Little Chief HoneyBee – (If I could wake up tomorrow and  be someone different it would be this amazing girl. I’m so jealous, I hope to be half as awesome as her someday.)

6. Sometimes Sweet – (I’ve read this blog for a really long time and I love how it has and continues to evolve as does the amazing writer.)

7. I Am Kaytea – (She was my homegirl in the craft group that fell apart and I wish she didn’t move so far away but I love to read her blog and follow her journeys through mommy-dom.)

8. Tea Talk – ( I love her style and self portraits.)

9. Making it Lovely – (I hope to one day have such an amazing blog like this one.)

Sadly this is the complete list of blogs I follow and read. I will have to continue on my search for other kick-ass blogs to read so next time I can complete the 15 required.

Thank you again Olivia.




3 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Nominations

  1. Melanie

    Hey congrats! Olivia nominated me too and I was super honored. I am relatively new (2 months) to blogging so I like seeing lists like this. It helps me find some great reading material.

    • ErikaAshley

      Oh hell yea. Way to go! Sometimes I’ll search for blog suggestions because I need more material to read and inspire me.

  2. Love it! I enjoyed reading this post, made me smile, happy Friday and thanks for the kind words! I look forward to checking out your blog list when I’m back home with a regular internet connection. Until then, woohoo Sac bloggers 😀

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