Wedding Wednesday – Caterer Tasting #1


Since we have chosen our venue, The Center at 2300, they have a pre-selected group of caterers that we must choose from. Last Thursday Justine and I had our very first caterer tasting scheduled with Jackson Catering & Events, one of the pre-approved caterers.

At first when I received their initial price and menu quote they seemed lackluster and unoriginal. The menu they emailed was short and to the point, nothing fancy therefore I wasn’t looking forward to much. I figured we would go sit down and see what they would offer us, hoping they would go into further detail with their services and menu options.

The actual location is just a few streets away from our venue and in an unassuming strip-mall behind a Pizza Hut and next to a message parlor. The actual dining room was a little dingy and dark and I remember telling Justine, “Let’s just get this over with.” We were excited because it was yet another step closer to our special day but we have another caterer in mind that was far more attentive and communicative than Jackson.

When we were introduced to Richard and Evan, the caterer coordinators, our views started to change. Then the appetizers came out. Evan gave us 4 appetizers to taste: deep fried potstickers, brushetta, artichoke and cheese pinwheel pastry and a plum filled pastry bite. Everything was exceptionally tasty. Especially the brushetta and artichoke pinwheel.

After the appitizers came an outstanding fresh salad with bree and bleu cheese, orange & apple slices, and wine/vineger dressing. Delicious. Evan then brought out some side dishes including fresh grilled vegetable and roasted potatoes. The grilled vegetables were tangy yet earthy. Perfectly seasoned and slightly charred so you could taste the grilled goodness.

The main courses came out and were a slow cooked braised beef short rib in their homemade barbecue sauce. The ribs were so well cooked they fell apart on your fork and no knife was needed. They were juicy and mouth watering. The chicken caprese with an olive rague was a little over powering with the taste of the pickling vinegar. I enjoy sour flavors but this was over the top sour, the chicken was juicy and still had wonderful taste on it’s own.
After we finished our plates Evan returned to the table and sat down with us to go over their services and then gave us an updated and customized price quote. It was surprising to see how affordable they are for the quality of food they presented. I was so enveloped with the tasting experience and sheer astonishment by the flavorful food I forget to take pictures. I’ll do better next time!

We have another tasting today with a caterer that has received high praise from our venue and plenty of 5 star Yelp reviews. I’m excited for free delicous food but after this appointment Justine and I will be ready to weigh or options and decide on a caterer.


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