Movie Monday


Well, well, well. Looky here. I didn’t go see a movie this past week/weekend and as a result I have nothing to review. In order to stay on schedule I think I will go ahead and post about the newly released and to be released movies I am amped to see in theaters.

Let’s start with a movie that was just opened in theaters this past weekend:


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it hundred more times, I love Disney. I especially love Disney & Pixar together, so it is inevitable that I would want to see this movie in theaters. There hasn’t been a Disney/Pixar movie released that I haven’t seen in theaters to be 100% honest.

I’ve read recent reviews and most movie review websites have rated the film  7-1/2 stars or higher. I am super excited to see it for myself and plan on venturing out tomorrow evening with a friend. Hopefully it will live up to my exceedingly high standards since Pixar seems to nail it each and every time they produce a film.

However, if this movie makes me cry for any reason it’s an automatic loss of a star because I don’t think it’s fair to make adults or even kids for that matter shed a tear at a family friendly movie. I’ve cried at Toy Story 3, WALL•E, & Up.  I’m a big softy sometimes but jeez these films really pull at my heart strings.

The next movie opened a few weeks ago, but still strikes my interest to go and see it in theater. Since it has been out so long I might just end up waiting until it hits the $3 movie theater nearby.

Men in Black 3

Men in Black has been a favorite franchise of mine because I remember watching it back in elementary school and thinking that Will Smith was the coolest man alive. Not only was he an amazing rapper (what I truly thought back then) he was kicking alien ass and looking good while doing it. The theme song that they play during the credits has been engrained in my mind ever since because I listened to that soundtrack so many times on my handheld CD player. There was a point in time where I could probably act out the entire movie for you.

When the second film of the franchise came out I was beside myself with joy. I am such a nerd reflecting back on the sheer pleasure I got watching Will Smith chat it up with bizarrely purvey worm creatures. I don’t get the hype of pugs but a talking pug was too cute to resist and the mail room seen when Biz Markie started rapping to the other aliens almost went bananas.

I can’t wait to see this film but for some reason or another other films just keep jumping the line and I haven’t viewed it yet. And lastly, the next movie won’t be out until Summer 2013 but I’ve been waiting for so long already to see this movie it seems like it’s almost here.

Monsters University

I have been waiting YEARS for this pre-quil to come out. It seriously feels like we are finally in the home stretch. Honestly, I wish they would have done a sequil to Monsters Inc., just because I love Boo. But, hopefully this one lives up to my expectations too.

There are a few teaser trailers floating around the internet so you should definetly check this one out for sure.

I will back on track next Monday with a review of Brave.



9 thoughts on “Movie Monday

  1. Looking forward to the Brave review, if you want to check mine out here’s the link 🙂 Anyways I think you’ll definitely like it if you’re a Disney/Pixar fan but it definitely doesn’t measure up to TS3/Up/Walle-E quality. Just curious though, what was your opinion of Cars 2?

    Anyways, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Monster’s Inc. 2, hopefully it can go the way of the Toy Story Series and not the way of Cars. All I know is that since it’s a prequel there won’t be any Boo (Noooooooo!!!!) but maybe there’ll be another equally adorable replacement.

    Cheers 🙂

    • ErikaAshley

      Thanks for the comment!

      I’ve seen Cars 2 probably about 5 times (my fiancee LOVES Cars) and simply I don’t like it. I feel as if it lacks greatly in originality and the plot for lack of a better term- sucks.

      Pixar clearly depended on Mater to be the comic relief but at the expense of greatly cheapening the series. It was as if a great director like Scorsese using fart gags in one of his summer drama blockbusters expecting to still get the Oscar for best movie. I mean really now, Pixar amped this thing up because of the opening of the Cars section of DCA Park this summer. If it wasn’t for the new CarsLand I would be befuddled to see this series of movies fizzle out with much less than a pop.

      The best part of Cars 2 was the animation and visual effects. The only scenes of the movie that I enjoyed watching were when McQueen was in them for more than 5 minute increments. I don’t know if it’s because Owen Wilson is over the movies or what but if they lose his voice for McQueen this thing is definitely going to tank.

      As for Monsters U – There better be some super cute new monsters or I’m gonna be pissed for a lack of cuteness. lol 🙂 I’m glad we share a fondness for quality Disney/Pixar films.

      • lol, the fondness is definitely mutual, I sort of want to go back and watch Up again now just to make myself feel better.

        As for Cars 2 I’m actually writing a post right now about my views on all of what’s been going on with the Disney/Pixar merger casting its shadow. Anyways, my thoughts on Cars 2 feature heavily in there so I definitely feel for you having to watch it five times, haha

    • Awww but what about Toy Story 3 or Return of the King or … wow never mind aside from those there aren’t that many great threequels out there. Fingers crossed for Dark Knight Rises though!

      • ErikaAshley

        Oh I know! I’m attending a Batman Marathon at a local theater that will be showing Batman Begins, Dark Knight which leads up to the showing of Dark Knight Rises. I’m anticipating this third Batman movie to the best yet. (hopefully)

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