Movie Review Monday – Madagascar 3



I am a total sucker for kids movies. I love all things animated especially if it is from Pixar or DreamWorks. I remember watching the first installment to the Madagascar franchise and I nearly peed my pants because it was such a riot.  My favorite character is King Julien because he is beyond ridiculous and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him for a day. One day, that’s it. No more no less, just one day, because I would be afraid of spending anymore time with him.

Justine and I headed to the flick this Saturday and I went into it hoping that I wouldn’t leave hating it. Surprisingly I found it entertaining the whole way through. Justine mentioned that around the 45-50 minute mark she started to get a little bored, however I found myself chuckling along with the kids and one very joyous man sitting in the front with his date sans children.


Maybe it is because I am such a big kid at heart but the jokes that are meant for kids are still humourus for adults. Not to mention the grown up jokes are rather funny and well worth the wait. The one character I found awkward and a little too intense was Captain Chantel DuBois. The fact that she is probably more animalistic than the animals that are trying to make their way back home to NYC was a fresh take on this seven year old franchise and storyline. There were times during the film where I felt a little freaked out by her, I could only imagine how she came across to the kids in the audience.

The storyline was clear and for a children’s/family movie it was a fun adventure that lasted 93 minutes. It will entertain young children, give a few chuckles to the angsty teens, and deliver a good volume of laughs to adults and parents. For further details on plot, characters, etc. checkout the Madagascar 3 page here.

Overall I would give this film:       (4 out 5)

 Keep up the good work DreamWorks!



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