Pin It to Me Baby


Last week I received an email from a fellow graphic design artist letting me know that a couple months ago she pinned one of my cards to her Pinterest board. She wanted to let me know that recently people have been re-pinning and liking the post. I thanked her graciously and decided to take a look for myself.

Last Tuesday I logged in and searched for ‘pregnancy announcements’ and low and behold I found my design and her post. It had 70 re-pins and roughly 50 likes. I was shocked. Not to mention just a few short hours after I received the first email two others sent me Etsy messages and emails requesting I re-open my Etsy shop so that they could purchase the card.

Amazingly I had been thinking about re-opening my shop and selling some new designs since I now have the time to presume being crafty and creative. I was so excited from the new found encouragement I opened my shop and I already have two sales.

Just for giggles I searched for my design again and take a gander. In a week’s time the re-pins & likes have nearly doubled. I can feel the love and it just brings fuel to my fire. This weekend I have a nice little crafting session planned and I’ve been carrying my drawing book with me.

Here’s to new found beginnings and inspiration.


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