Mexico Cruisin’


At the end of May, just a couple short weeks ago, Justine, myself and Justine’s cousin, Lisa, went on a cruise for the first time along with my family to Mexico.


We all needed to get away from it all. Lisa had just graduated from junior college and had work her tush off. Justine had been promoted at work and has been working day and night in this new high stress position. I had been working full time and part time on Mary Kay and I just felt burnt out. A good long vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

We began our vacation on Saturday May 26th by driving down to Southern California. When we got down to Anaheim, I let out a huge sigh of relief and was glad to get away from it all. We then spent the next day relaxing at the hotel, swimming in the pool and walking around Downtown Disney. After our relaxing day we headed to dinner at Bubba Gumps (one of my favorite restaurants).

That Monday we continued our journey to the port and embarked on our way to Catalina Island via the Carnival Inspiration. The first night on the ship was a little uneasy for me, even though I usually don’t get seasick I was kind of queazy and felt the unsteady motion of the ocean. After dinner Justine and I went back to our cabin and thought we would take a short nap and go party hardy with all the late night events that were scheduled. We laid down to nap at 8pm on Monday and woke up at 7am the following morning. It was an amazing and obviously much needed slumber.

The rest the trip was kind of a blur. We didn’t relax much as we were too busy taking in shows, embarking to the ports of Catalina Island and then Ensenada. Taking in all the sights at each port and then shopping and gambling on the ship. We spent our 9 year anniversary in Ensenada and had a very nice dinner. We did a lot of eating and the food was amazing. My favorite was the formal dinners in the Carnivale dining hall. I have never felt so classy.

When we got back home the following Saturday, Justine and I took advantage of our last two days of vacation and just lazed around the house and relaxed. I don’t know if I would take another cruise just because the day at sea the last day of the cruise was excruciatingly rocky and a lot of the passengers were getting sea sick. Also, I like to relax on vacations and I felt the pressure to be doing something at all times so it wasn’t as relaxing as I hoped it would be.

Overall the break from reality was phenomenal. Especially the time we spent, all be it short, in Anaheim was great. Enjoy the photos.




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