Wedding Saving Woes


Weddings are supposed to happy, joyous, memorable moments in life when friends, family and love all combine for a weekend of bliss. Right?
Days if not hours after Justine popping the question, we began planning our wedding. Narrowing down seasons to picking an exact date. Whittling down our guest list on backs of napkins and envelopes. Everything was hunky-dory, everything was new and exciting. We were in our prime hammering out details and then it hit us. How are we supposed to pay for this shindig?!
Originally we came up with a more than modest budget, but as time progressed we stopped planning altogether because the financial aspect of wedding planning had us haulted. I attended wedding fair after bridal show absorbing information and trying to figure out a good budget for our swarray, but all signs pointed to a wedding cost we just can’t seem to afford. Even though we cannot legally get married in the grand ‘ole state of California they sure will charge you the same astronimcal prices for a commitment ceremony & reception as any other Joe & Jane getting hitched. Not to mention we are limited by our venue options as I am being rudely awakened that people are rather set in their ways and will not allow a same-sex commitment ceremony at their establishments. Sad but true.
Not to mention in the past five months since we began planning we have very slowly tried to build up a nest egg that will fund our wedding dreams. Unfortunately, it seems as though since we have started saving so many “little” issues have been arising that force us to dip into our wedding savings. We needed a second vehicle. We have to pay for a portion of a new fence. We have to save for a cruise that was booked prior to our engagement. It just seems like the “little” things are turning into larger issues and prolonging our savings.

I feel overwhelmed and disheartened by this entire process. I just want to be on the same page as Justine and somehow win the lottery. Hopefully one will be more attainable than the other.
Enough Debbie-Downer business.


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