Marvel Movie Marathon



On Thursday I called out of work to embark on a 12+ hour journey through the land of super heroes and villians leading up to the best movie of the summer, The Avengers. In true nerd form I could barely sleep the night before simply due to excitement for the movies to come. I woke up at 6am Thursday morning and by 8:30am I was out the door and headed to the theater to get in line. I stopped at the grocery store down the street to stock up on candy and lunchables to sneak into the event, even though the theater was offering $2 hotdogs.

Days before I was debating on wearing some kind of elaborate costume but because I had waited too long I dediced to wear a Marvel shirt instead. That morning I thought I might just be a little crazy for leaving so early when the event actually started at noon, but I had called the day before and was informed that the marathon was indeed sold out. I took my chances and showed up three hours early and to my surprises there was already a line forming. Good thing I did get there at the time I had otherwise I would have for certain not been in the first 10 to enter the theater. 


I went on this adventure alone but only a few short hours later I had made friends with an awesome group of Chico State students that had driven almost two hours to take part in the Marvel Movie Marathon here in Sacramento. We entered the theater and as they checked tickets we were handed these awesome buttons (below) and a movie poster (above).


The event included 5 previously shown Marvel movies: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, & Captain America. All leading up to the main event, The Avengers. After every movie there was a 20-30 minute intermission where we could get up and stretch and refill our popcorn for $3 and our drinks for $1 a pop. I consumed so much sodium by the second Iron Man movie I was definitely feeling puffy and bloated. Also, by The Incredible Hulk showing some of the larger/heavier gentlemen in the audience were already starting to smell a little ripe, if you catch my drift. By the time Captain America showed the theater was in full comic book convention funk mode and heavy set men from near and far packed into the seats looking greasier than ever thanks to the $2 hotdogs and massive quantities of large butter covered popcorn barels strewn throughout the isles.

Mentally I was keeping a tally of the amount of women that attended the marathon and the maximum amount of women that attended was 30. In a theater that seated 120 a quarter of the viewers were female. I had a feeling that would be the case but hoped for the best and quite honestly it didn’t matter because the entire audience was amazing. During each movie we were all quiet and captivated. Cellphones only came out during intermissions, we all laughed and clapped in unison. It was a great experience to be a part of and by the end of the Avenger movie we all felt like one huge club.

Overall it was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I learned so much about the Marvel franchise and the comics in general. People taught me about the subtle hints and Easter eggs hidden in each film and credits. I went with hopes of seeing an amazing movie and walked out feeling like I was part of an elite group of people that would dedicate more than half a day to watching movies about comic books.
Now if only I could attend Comicon…



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