Friday after work I took a detour on the way home and bought a new outfit and shoes from Ross. One of my favorite places to shop because they have tons of dresses that are big girl size and yet still stylish. I love Steve Madden shoes. My affection for these designer shoes started way back in high school and due to my lack of balance I have only had the nerve to buy Steven Madden flats.

Since I’ve been wearing heels more frequently now I felt like I would take a risk and step up my heel game (pun intended). The heels I bought at Ross were from Steve Madden’s – Madden Girl line. They were animal print (one of my favorites), didn’t include a buckle on the back strap and oh so high. We’re talking 4 1/2 inches high. I thought I was up to the challenge.

Justine and I went out to dinner Friday night and painstakingly wore them to the restaurant. I receive a compliment on how cute they were. I baby stepped my way to the car and massaged my poor feet home. The following day I was determined to break them in and decided I would wear them ALL day long. I wore them to a Mary Kay function and stood on them quite a bit. My feet were slowly getting used to being arched so high.

When Justine and I went to see a movie later that day my feet were a little tired and but walking wasn’t as difficult as the night before. When we got out of the movie theater and started walking back to the car we went over the yellow “safety” braille bumps at the end of a walk-way and all of a sudden I was falling. Being the big girl that I am, I fell hard. I was wearing a skirt and pantyhose and didn’t want my business out in the open so I tried to fall sideways.  I grabbed on to Justine and somehow I still landed on my face.

Once I was on the ground I sprung back up and limped to the car. I have to admit it was humorous because I am a big clutz and this is the first time I have fallen in a long time. I managed to scrape up my right knee pretty bad and my left calve received most of the damage due to road rash.

Maybe you can see the pinkish red area on my calve that is now scabbed over and still rather tender. I am mostly upset that my brand new shoes are complete garbage as I tore a strap and scuffed them up badly.

Oh well. Now I have an excuse to replace them, but this time around I think I’ll stick to 3 inch heels or flats.



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