It All Started With a Text Message


Let’s start at the beginning shall we? The last Friday in March I received a call from a strange long distance phone number. Immediately I dismissed it as a wrong number or telemarketer and went on my merry way.

Two days later the same number text me. This time I decided to read what this person had to say. To my surprise I had won something from filling out the endless amounts of entry forms from wedding/bridal shows I had recently frequented. The texter had informed me that I had won a DIY facial for me and my bridal party at a local Mary Kay studio.

I love all things that are free so I quickly informed my bridesmaids and only my Maid of Honor could attend. I RSVPed and that following Sunday I was in a Mary Kay studio with Lisa by my side ready to get our facial scrub on.

To be completely honest I thought that I would attend this free event, listen to the spiel and go about my day. I even joked with Lisa about how I didn’t want to be suckered into joining/paying for anything because we need every penny we earn for our wedding. But something happened, as we washed chatted about makeup, washed our faces and learned a little about the Mary Kay back story I become more and more interested.

As a young child my mother was a Mary Kay consultant and I remember attending late night meetings with her and playing with all of her left over samples. I remember the pink mirrors and using the tiny capsule like perfume samples as my Barbie’s accessories. I also remember the frustration my mom went through and the negativity that also stems from knowing the overly needy/down right annoying Mary Kay pusher that seems to be at every workplace.

By the end of our facials I decided I would take up the consultant’s offer of getting to know the program a little better. We met up for coffee a couple nights later and after many hours of debating and researching I made up my mind and took the plunge.

The main reason I have become a consultant is to make a little extra money for our wedding. I plan on putting 80-90% of what I make towards funding our wedding/honeymoon. I have been in the program now for about a little over three weeks and the amount of hours in a day seems to be dwindling into seconds. I have made a couple hundred dollars and have put a portion into savings but also used some for play money and mostly reinvesting into my business.

I would love to make Mary Kay a solid fixture in my life but until I go part time at my “real” job it will just have to be a part time thing. Just coming from a multi-unit meeting my motivation is high and already I have sent out a few calls/texts to keep the momentum going. Succeeding will  take time and dedication and mostly planning. Time management is going to become a priority because if I want to make enough for our wedding this will have to work.



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