My Bridal Sale & Wedding Fair 2012 Wrap-up


Yesterday I attended my third Wedding/Bridal show here in Sacramento. This time I went with my aunt, Connie, and we had an absolute blast because I wasn’t as overwhelmed in the past. With each event I attend I gain a little more insight into all this wedding business and always gain more knowledge about how to be an organized bride. I felt prepared and ahead of the game and ready to tackle the event. I brought my little name tags with information, my camera and a positive attitude and we were off.

 At this show there were several examples of table decorations that sparked my interest and imagination. Connie and I came up with a few ideas of our own after seeing these table-scapes. For example, the chairs that feature a single sash tied from behind looked cleaner than the chairs that are entirely covered. However we may not use any chair decorations because the chairs that are being provided at our likely wedding venue are elegant enough on their own they don’t need much dressing up.

I know this is a crappy picture but I like how they layered the colors with different textures and colors. Since we are using so many colors I think it would be cute having a few layered colors at each table to incorporate them all.

 I’ve decided that we will have a tall center piece using a thin glass vase. Something like this table but maybe not so busy. Here is a close up of the table:

And a another table that I liked but is a little too dark for our color scheme.

One aspect of this table setting that I liked was the tall vase and rounded bouquet on top.

Apart from the table designs another part of this wedding fair that inspired me was a vendor I met named Risha of The Fine Print Paperie. She was adorable and pleasant. I noticed she was using one of my all time favorite fonts on her newsletter signup sheet and I struck up a conversation. I signed up for her paper craft class but after checking out her website I realized I will be out of town. I will have to check out her site again and try to attend a different class. I really admire her work and hope to keep in contact.

We met a vendor named Michele that might have just talked me into having a candy bar at our wedding. The only catch would be we wouldn’t pay $400 for what we could assemble ourselves for under a third of the price. We are still playing with the idea. I’ve heard some good things about having a candy bar and I’ve heard some not so great tales of jars breaking and containers tipping due to tiny hands. We’ll still think about it.

Overall we really enjoyed the event and walked away with some great information. One thing I will be updating more frequently about are all the local gay-friendly and gay owned/operated local wedding vendors. I will be compiling a list of vendors because I feel it is important to know who supports same-sex marriage.

Thank you Connie for joining me!



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