When I’m home and have nothing better to do, mostly after work and before I go to sleep, I like to Stumble online. Unfortunately minutes turn into hours and then I’m up past my bedtime looking at napkin colors for our wedding. *le sigh* But, recently I have stumbled across a relatively new wedding trend. A trend I have never ever heard of until yesterday to be exact and it’s called “Marryoke.”

Think karaoke meets wedding reception. Basically Marryoke is when brides, grooms, as well as all their wedding party and family members lip-sync to a specific song while the the videographer records and then creates a music video of the couple’s wedding day. I’ve noticed that this is a big trend in Europe, mostly in London, and some are hysterical. Older family members and guests have no idea what they are singing and some party goers are so drunk that they manage to wing it long enough that they don’t like so ridiculous singing a pop song. Take a look for yourself:

It’s pretty amazing to say the least. I don’t know if Justine and I will take part but I can’t get enough of these videos. If you simply go to Youtube or even Vimeo and search “Marryoke” I promise you will be have hours of fun watching lovely couples making complete fools of themselves.

My favorite part of these Marroke videos is the horrific lipsyncing. Seriously, some of these people should really keep their day jobs because they are just bad at pretending to know the words of some of these songs. Let’s hope this new trend doesn’t really catch on in the states.

Maybe I can convince Justine that we should lipsync to a Gaga song!



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