Cake Toppers- CHECK!


Justine and I have been talking about our theme more and more. We’ve been deciding little details here and there and  being that we are Disney fanatics we have chosen to use a Disney themed cake topper. I have been researching and looking online at various Disney outlets online and found several cake toppers that were cute, but not cute enough. Some just didn’t feel like they represent us as a couple. Some are too elegant, I mean we’re classy but we’re funky and fun too.

We love our pups and Disney so why not combine the two and use the Lady and The Tramp topper like the one above? Eh, not our style.

And we are a “Precious Moments” kind of couple either, although this topper is very cute.  As I thought more and more it finally hit me like a sack of bricks.

We collect vinylmations, if you don’t know what they are check out my previous post here, and what better way to represent our style and our love for Disney than to use the Celebration Series Vinylmation figures of a bride and groom. PERFECT!

I ordered the figures from The Disney Store online and received them in just under a week. I got them on sale so we saved about 40%! YES! They came with two extra figurines and wouldn’t it be perfect to wear the little one on the left as my “something blue.”

Well the cat is out the bag and I can’t wait to choose our wedding cake design and see these little beauties on top!

Ah I can’t wait!!




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