Mini-Hiatus Over and We Found a Venue!


Sorry for disappearing for the week. Work got a little hectic and I was busy working on my fitness and grocery shopping.

Anyways, last Sunday we attended a wedding show at Arden Hills Resort & Spa here in Sacramento. It was the complete opposite of what we witnessed the week prior. The venue was much smaller and the turn out wasn’t as large as I thought it would be so the vendors were able to talk to each individual person. The event overall was much more low key and intimate.

We actually got a lot handled this time around. We found the potential baker we will be using for our wedding cake. Her name is Rebecca Salinas and you can find her Facebook page here. She loves Disney almost as much as us so it makes sense that we would use Disneyfanatic like ourselves. More to come about our cake later.

We also might have found the photographer we will be using as well. We hadn’t thought much about wedding favors but this vendor really got us thinking about chocolate favors.

How adorable are these two little gift box favors? Maybe we can tie them into our theme by adding a Mickey Mouse sticker or set of Mickey Ears on top. Either way these would make fantastic little decorations and favors.

The main accomplishment of the bridal show was the fact that we have found our wedding venue! It was the most stressful decision for me thus far and I am so glad that we finally found our wedding place! As we were walking around The Arden Hills Resort we realized that this was the place we wanted to get hitched. The venue of course had a booth and we met the chef (who happens to be a butch lesbian) and the sales lady, Kathy.

Kathy sweet talked us into a great deal by quoting us our venue and rental fees but also made the dinner prices lucrative enough to say “YES!” She helped us out by slashing the reception room and ceremony rental fees in half! They recently upped their catering prices but she locked us in with a quote using their old prices. I’m sure she does this for every couple but she made it seem really personal that she was doing us a favor and helping us out. Let me just say Kathy is really good at her job.

We figured the most expensive things we will be spending money on is the food and bar. Kathy explained that anywhere we go the prices will be about the same but the venue prices won’t be nearly as low and from my extensive research over the past few weeks, she’s right! So it only made sense find a place that was all inclusive and that offered the incentives she offered.

Yesterday we did a walk through tour of the place  and fell in love. Each room had been set up because a wedding was taking place but it was so nice to see each room without vendor booths. The place looked huge! Needless to say we are smitten and will be attending their open house next weekend for the appitizer tasting to make sure their food matches their looks.




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