Wedding Date Change


While Justine and I are in the early stages of planning our wedding, we ultimately jumped the gun a little. We were both so excited and ready to get this ball rolling that we didn’t realize we were in over our heads. After we sat down and had the good ‘ole budget talk we came to the conclusion that we might be biting off more than we can chew to put on a relatively large wedding in under a year. We hadn’t saved a dime prior to the engagement and we don’t want to rely on our families to pay for our special day.

It’s a good thing that we haven’t taken “Save the Date” photos just yet because we have decided  to push the wedding from October 2012 to June 1st, 2013. Yes we are adding an extra 8 months to our engagement, but all in all we will be saving a lot of stress and hardships by trying to do too much too soon. On the plus side, with us being able to save more money we now have a better choice of venues as most are already booked up for this wedding season. Also, I have an extra 8 months to drop some pounds.

We are still very excited and ready to get the process going and I’m glad we won’t have to be in overdrive to get things done. By the way, I am going to another Bridal Expo this Sunday and I can’t wait to see all the different vendors. There will be a much shorter wrap-up and more pictures. Plus, my best friend and bridesmaid will be there with me and Justine.




One thought on “Wedding Date Change

  1. My wife and I set our wedding date for about 15 months after we got engaged to give us time to plan and save. A wedding is a huge affair and there are so many crazy details you didn’t even know existed! Congrats on your engagement!

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