Bridal Expo Wrap-Up 3 of 3 Fashion Edition


At the bridal expo there were tons of dresses and suits/tuxedos to drool over. I already have my dress in mind and didn’t see it at the event so this might be a relatively short post.

However, Justine got to see some awesome tuxes that she can choose from. If you haven’t read any of the previous posts or know anything about Justine and I, she is a very butch lesbian meaning that she will not be wearing a dress at our wedding. I know some of you are surprised, but she will never and I repeat will never ever wear a dress. I’ve tried to get her drunk and dress her up in girly clothes but it just doesn’t happen. It’s like she’s some kind of superhero and girl clothes are repelled from her body.

Anyways she will be wearing a nice tuxedo instead, although she is opting out of wearing the jacket. Instead she will be wearing black tux pants, a black collard shirt, white vest and tie. The groomsmen will be wearing the same but the vests and ties in alternate colors. We found a vest and tie combo that she really liked as you can see in the photo above. Justine mentioned she prefers the 6 button vests over the 5 button vests and a subtle checkered pattern over plain vests.

I like the striped tie that accompanied the checkered vest but she hasn’t decided what pattern tie she wants. Either way I think she will look pretty slick although I would prefer she wear a white shirt but it’s her decision because she’s not picking my dress so I’m not picking her tux.

Now onto dresses. We opted out of standing in the packed hall to watch models walk down an overcrowded catwalk in various gowns. By the time the fashion show started the room was 80% full and we couldn’t see the stage whatsoever and decided to leave, but the dresses I did see were elegant and lovely.

I am battling over whether I want a tea length dress or a full floor length dress. I have a specific style in mind but I think it will look good in both lengths. I have never planned a wedding before and so I never had any real reason to gawk at wedding dresses or fashion trends.  One thing I did notice was the waist accessories. I don’t want to call them belts, but they bare a strong resemblance to fancy waist belts. I wouldn’t mind having one. Just like the dress below:

I like this dress as it similar to the dress I have in mind and it has the fancy belt. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my wrap-up of the Bridal Expo we attended this past weekend. I might be going to another this Sunday just because they are so fun to attend and I want to get some more ideas of venues that are available in the Greater Sacramento Area.




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