Bridal Expo Wrap-Up 1 of 3


 Here we go! I was exceptionally excited to go to my first bridal expo/show this past Sunday. The entire experience was both overwhelming and fun. Who doesn’t like freebies? I know I sure do!

One thing I did notice is that being possibly the only same-sex couple at the event was a little daunting. It was awkward from the beginning being that Justine is a butch lesbian and looks more masculine than a bride should, the first oggles we received happened while we were in line to enter the event. The gentleman handing out “BRIDE” stickers double took when we asked for a second sticker because Justine is also a bride and deserved to be treated as such. After a moment of awkward stuttering he tried to redeem himself by congratulating us and moving on to the next bride and her friends. Like most other situations where we get the weird vibe about our homosexuality we brushed the moment off and went on our merry way.

After registering as brides we went into the first hall. It was jam packed shoulder to shoulder women. I’m not claustrophobic in the least but being next to so many women that are all being impatient and amped up on the natural high you get while searching and planning for your wedding, I felt a little agitated and suffocated. There were several vendors that were florists, DJs, Bartenders, Event Planners, etc., etc. and it was easy to become overwhelmed just by stepping through the doors. Now I can go into detail about each vendor that I remember seeing, but I’ll spare you the boring bits.

Instead here are the photos of the cakes that inspired me.

There were two bakeries that were present at the expo that caught my eye. The first one tasted much better than the second one.

I’m really digging the “cushioned” look on wedding cakes.

I really liked this one minus the weird tube in the middle.

This was the baker we really liked. We tasted two different flavors “Triple Chocolate” and “Strawberry Champagne.” Justine liked the strawberry flavor while I liked the chocolate better. Maybe we can use multiple layers and and flavors so that we get the best of both. Plus it’s always good to have variety.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the floral options.

Until then.




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