Planning, planning and more planning


Now that Justine has done her part in asking me to marry her, the real fun begins! Since we’ve been home we have been kicking some serious ass making plans. We’ve already decided our theme, bridal party, color pallet, guest list and chosen a date. Sure that doesn’t sound like much but for only a week and a half we are doing pretty well.

Here are the details thus far:

Date: Sometime in October depending on what the venue has available.

Bridal Party: 7 Ladies & 7 Gents. Because we are obviously two females we decided to have the bridal party equal in size and standing boy-girl. This way it won’t be awkward having an entirely female bridal party or an odd number of boys and girls. Each bridesmaid will be paired with a groomsman and will be wearing different colors.

Guest List: We topped the list at 150 close family and friends. The funny part is that 110-120 people on the list are family members. I was astounded at the number of our immediate and extended family combined. We calculated at least 10-15 kids that are infants to 10 years old that are both family and friends. Either way it’s going to be about 125 adults.

Theme: After a few days of bickering and going back and forth on a theme we finally decided the only way to go was Disneyland. Not Disney in general because that would be too difficult for us narrow down a specific movie/story because we love them all so much. We chose Disneyland because it holds a very special meaning in my life and in our relationship. We have spent so much time in the land together and we always find ourselves wanting to go back. More to come on the theme.

Colors: As if we couldn’t get more gay, we decided that we will use the rainbow as our color pallet. We are not using the bright or deep colors but softer almost pastel versions of ROYGBV.

We still have tons of planning to do but this is what we have so far. Tomorrow we are going to a local wedding expo and there will be tons of photos and hopefully we can finally find a venue. Till then enjoy your weekend!




One thought on “Planning, planning and more planning

  1. Christina

    I love having the bridesmaids in different colors! I had them in blue, pink, green, purple, and orange. It had a nice whimsical effect! We also had a rainbow/multi-colored theme although probably with different meaning behind it 😛 We just couldn’t decide on any particular pair of colors we were in love with, so said lets do them all! made decorating SO much easier since everything matched, hehe

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