She Put a Ring On It


For years I have dreamt of the day Justine would propose to me. Let’s get things straight, she has proposed to me before on our 5 year anniversary, but the time wasn’t right. We were both still young, dumb, and in debt to our eyeballs. Not to mention my parent’s weren’t too fond of our relationship as I had only came out to them a year before. I was 20 and she was 23 and we were rushing things plus she had proposed right after a fight. Needless to say, the ring went back to the jewelers and feelings were hurt.

Fast forward 3 and half years to December 25th 2011, yes just a few weeks ago, Justine and I drove down to Anaheim to celebrate Christmas with my family at Disneyland. We opened gifts on Christmas Eve and Justine said that one of my gifts didn’t make it in time for the holiday so I’d get it when we got back home. I was hoping she bought me a Kindle Fire because I had been raving about getting one for a few weeks.

Christmas morning we woke up, got ready and headed to Disneyland. Once we got inside the resort we decided to take pictures in front of the Mickey Mouse topiary garden thing at the front gates. Justine and I stood together, took a picture and then my family joined in, we took another picture. As we were about to leave Justine suggested we take a better picture of just the two of us. I agreed thinking the picture would make a great Christmas card for the next year.

Then it happened.

We were about to pose when she turned to me and said that the gift that was on the way wasn’t really on the way. She pulled out a small silver box, told me how much she loved me and that she had gotten permission from my parent’s to ask for my hand. She got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. The entire time this was going on I was in shock. I had no idea what was going on because I’m usually 3 step ahead of her and can guess my gifts or surprises way in advance. But, this time she got one over on me and boy am I glad she did. I started crying and said, “Yes of course.” We hugged and I continued crying. The deep sobbing cry that you only cry when someone you love passes or you’re too overjoyed to do anything else.

The rest of the day was a blur because I was too busy trying to not cry due to happiness and the day was amazing to say the least.

Now that we are engayged my mind is consumed with wedding plans and details. I’m excited out of my mind about what is to come. As a result this blog will more than likely be updated more frequently and the theme will change from everyday living to wedding planning. I’m pumped.




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