Disney or Bust


As most of you may already know I am a Disney-fanatic. I love everything Disneyland and Disney related. The very first time I went to Disneyland I was in the womb and I’ve been going every year since I was born. When I was little I made a comment to my family that one day I would move to Anaheim and work at Disneyland.

Ten years later I graduated high school and moved down to Fullerton, CA and went to CSU Fullerton. I lived a mere 8 miles away from the Disneyland Resort and ventured to the land on a regular bases. I was too afraid to work at the park because I didn’t want to ruin the magic for me or my family.

I moved back up to Northern California after only a year of living in So.Cal and never applied to work for Disney. Now that I’ve lived nearly 4 years back up North I miss being within earshot of the nightly fireworks. I am unhappy at my current job and have thought long and hard at what I want to do in life. Ultimately I feel that I belong in Southern California and most importantly I belong at Disney. I plan on working for Disney in some way within the next 5 years.

I would die if I could somehow work for Disney and be initiated into the amazing corporation. I plan on making my dream a reality and I can’t wait until Christmas Eve to be on our way to the land for a special holiday visit with my family.

Happy Holidays! Here’s to new beginnings and happy times!

Cheers, EA


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