The Waiting Game


Impatient. Look up the definition and it wouldn’t surprise me to  find my name in or picture. I am quite possibly the most impatient person to have ever existed. Toddlers probably have more patience than I do when it comes to things I want. Seriously.

There have been times where my patience has been fairly strong and waiting for things doesn’t bother me as much. However, the second that waiting for something that I want time cannot pass quick enough. Let’s take for example a recent job opening I interviewed for last week. I have been in communication with a certain company over an open position that was posted on Craigslist at the end of August. I emailed the hiring manager my resume and a witty but professional cover letter. I received a reply almost immediately. I had a phone interview the next day and everything went fantastic. Then the waiting game began.

I tried to fill my time with working out and planning our annual party but the constant uncertainty gnawed at the back of mind at all times. I didn’t hear back for nearly two weeks. It was excruciating to hear about and interview for such an amazing position with a new and upcoming company. It’s the type of scenario you see in a movie where a recent college graduate gets to chance to land their dream job then they have to wait.

I was so impatient I sent a few emails to remind the interviewer that I still existed and that I was more eager than ever to hear back. When I finally got a response last week things happened a little quicker. I had a second phone interview then a face to face interview a couple days later. And then the second round of the waiting game began.

I had my face to face interview last Thursday and I should hear back by this Thursday on whether or not I get the job. I am really crossing my fingers and hoping I get it because I think that if I can get this job things in my little world will began to improve drastically.

Here’s to hoping.




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