Inspiration Station


I’m inspired. I finally feel like my life isn’t so mundane anymore. Sure I have a pretty set schedule when it comes to work… and class… and going to the gym, but it seems like things are constantly changing around me. The blogosphere has changed and evolved since the last time I updated a blog regularly. Including the readers. I remember when keeping a blog was like keeping an open journal or diary for everyone in the entire universe to look up online and find your inner most secrets brought to the light because you had a Livejournal account. I used to update with the stupidest stuff.

I probably still do quiet honestly, but that brings me back to being inspired. There are a few crafters/designers/bloggers that really inspire me to keep on keeping on with this blog thing. Not to mention they seem to be amazing people (this is completely based off of their blog updates, obviously).

Take for example: Twinkie Chan.

This chick is amaze-balls. I’ve read her blog for about two or three years now and she is simply my crafty idol. She’s so upbeat and fun and she is the proof that you can be past 30 years old and still be a kid at heart. I love her style and her crafty creations.

We also share a deep passion for fun food and crochet. She is outstanding at turning yarn into food items just as easily as it is for me to turn a drawing of a hot dog into a lovely button or greeting card. If I had the means to keep my hair a funky fun color 24-7 you bet your sweet ass I would.

Look at her full sleeve of absolute cuteness. I honestly think if you were to open up Twinkie Chan’s mind you would find rainbows and glitter mixed with doilies and yarn inside. Her blog posts are a thing of imagination meets craft genius.

A few years ago I went to BazBiz in San Francisco and had the pleasure of going to her booth of cute. Unfortunately she was mingling with the crowd and I wasn’t able to gush over her, but someday (hopefully soon) I will run into her at a craft show in SF and be able to thank her for being so inspiring.

Twinkie Chan reminds me that cute can be forever and that if you try hard enough and keep at it anyone can turn their craft into a full paying career. As much as I would love to have my Grown Ass Cards sitting on a greeting card shelf in Halmark stores (if they still exist) I would just be glad doing what I can here and there. Keeping the dream alive.

Thanks Twinkie for being so inspirational while just being you.




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