Grown Ass Cards Debut Collection


A few months ago I was joking around with a friend talking about how greeting cards are so fake. How many times have you been in a situation and thought to yourself, “I need a card that says I’m sorry but it’s covered in glittery butterflies.”

Really. For a matter of fact I avoid those cards like the plague. I hate  butterflies and I hate putting glitter covered cards into the envelope because 97% of the glitter comes off on my fingers before it even makes it in. There has been times where you want to give a lighthearted card to a friend to ease the awkwardness of finding out she got knocked up that one time she went to Vegas for her birthday weekend. Or a card to tell your roommate you’re sorry you broke her shit while she was out of town on that trip to Vegas in which she ended up getting pregnant.

There are situations that require unconventional greeting cards that ease tension and sometimes bring humor to otherwise weird predicaments. That is where Grown Ass Cards come into play. I’ve created a collection of funny cards that are straight to the point. Instead of being a blundering fool and screwing up a compliment to your coworker that you find hot, give them this card pictured above that simply states, “You have a real purdy mouth.” It eases the weird first stages of flirting by breaking the ice and still suggesting you find them attractive.

Or what about this card that fits the knocked up friend situation we talked about earlier? PERFECT!

And for all of you Twitter-holics here is the ideal card you can give to that super boring friend that only tweets their favorite types of vitamins and what gluten free baked goods they purchase at the local vegan eatery.

You are welcome folks.

Oh and don’t worry I have tons more where all these came from and in the mean time check out my Etsy shop where I have a special section featuring more Grown Ass Cards for you to purchase.




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