CurtisFest 2011


Yesterday was the first time I have vended at an art/craft show in over 2 years. Can you believe it? A friend of mine from my craftier days invited me to share a booth space with her at a local event. CurtisFest took place in south Sacramento yesterday and had a relatively good turn out. I made a few sales, but quickly came to the realization that I want to get back in the craft game full force.

I miss vending at these kinds of events so badly. I love the people watching, talking to fellow crafty people and seeing how my items influence others to support local business. I plan on applying to a few local shows like Handborn which will be held in Modesto and then BazBiz that will be held in SF. I’m excited and nervous because getting back in to the craft game isn’t as easy as you would think.

Check out these pictures of my table at CurtisFest yesterday.

*Just a side note: I had to put a warning over the Grown Ass Cards because there were tons of kids and elderly patrons that I didn’t want to offend. More on those later.

Also, I need to find a way to display my cards that will elevate them so people won’t have to hunch over to see. Hmmmm… What can I do? Suggestions are welcome.




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