I need a baby otter. Or an otter. I’ve been saying this for a few weeks now.

Remember a few years ago when penguins were the new “it” animal trend . Then last year when owls were totally in and then it moved on to something else I can’t remember. There always seems to be a fad of animal favorites.

I have recently found that the next big animal trend will be otters. Why you ask? Because they are the cutest fucking animals on the face of this plant. Forget pandas. Forget penguins, owls & whatever else you think is so cute you want to just smuggle it into your home. Otters are the new black so get used to it. Now pardon me for getting a little crazy as I continue on about adorable, fuzzy little balls of swimming cuteness.

1. Otters can swim in the ocean, lake, pond, whatever large body of water that is around them & live on land. Amazing. (Yes, I am aware that other animals can do the same, but they are not nearly half as cute as an otter so shut your mouth and continue reading.)

2. They race little kids when they live in captivity. Just watch:

2. They hold hands with each other while they sleep & float. SO-FREAKING-ADORABLE OH MY DEAR LORD LOOK:

3. They are so cute to watch them play it’s almost painful. Take a gander at this adorable otter playing catch by himself:

Ok enough of the cuteness. I can’t handle it anymore. If there is an otter missing from my local zoo don’t come lookin’ this way.



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