Memorial Weekend Camp Trip 2011


This pasted weekend I went camping with Justine & some work friends in a place not so far away from home. It was about an hour and a half away in Pollock Pines, Ca at beautiful Jenkinson Lake. The campsites were deep in the woods. Hundreds of thousands of pine trees surrounded us and our site happened to be just a few yards about from an astounding babbling creek. The campground scenery was phenomenal & almost like no where I have ever camped before.

Justine and I arrived Friday evening and set up camp in about a half hour. Unfortunately, it took us city lesbians over an hour to get a fire going. Yea I know, “How pathetic.” I couldn’t believe we couldn’t get a fire going in at least under an hour. I even went through and ENTIRE box of matches. Then we completely forgot we would be alone that night so we didn’t pack anything we could make for dinner. So, we got a little creative and actually roasted hot dogs on skewers and I will admit they were delicious. If you ever get a change to put a wiener on a stick and roast it over an open fire… DO IT.

Anyway, Friday night we went to sleep at about 10:30pm while we were waiting for one other couple to arrive. They ended up getting to the campsite at around midnight and all was well and good in the world. The light chirping of crickets, the heavenly sound of the creek in the near distance and the cool air was exactly what I needed to relax from the crazy over-stimulating world we had momentarily left behind.

The next morning and afternoon was met with crisp air and the smell of burning wood in the fire pit. The temperature dropped significantly and so our fire become the most important commodity we could harbor. As we waited for our other friends to arrive the four of us huddled around the fire to talk and relax. It was nice but freezing. We all packed in to Justine & my car and headed to the store to pick up some things we had forgotten to bring along and to warn the others to bring warm clothes and lots of blankets. While we were at the store it started raining. It rained on and off all night and into the next morning.

Our other friends arrived and we tried to make do with the extra tarps and canopy we had brought. The temperature was freezing but we all tried to keep in good spirits. The last night we were there we sat around the camp fire and played games until almost 11pm. I have to say even though we were all miserable from the cold and slightly damp from the rain, it was the most fun I have had in a really long time. We played the “What if, Then…” game and ate tri-tip in the pitch black of night. The questions and answers were hilarious and made me feel like all was right in this chaotic world.

As we packed up yesterday and headed home I had a moment of sadness thinking that I might not be this content again for a while.

But, we are already planning our next camping trip and I can’t wait.



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