Womp Womp Womp


I have come to realization that I may be the worst blogger. Ever.

Anyways, recently I joined a gym and am currently taking part in a Biggest Loser Competition at work. When I first was discussing the posibility of a weigh loss competition with Justine I never would have thought that so many of my fellow co-workers would want in. I had heard about a few other people from my Facebook friends taking part in various weight loss challenges and I figured I have enough friend/co-workers that it just might work. Boy was I right.

In the first day of discussing the idea with a fellow co-worker and my supervisor 8 or so people jumped on board. Within the next day we had 11 people total. We weighed in and started the competition. Each participant has kicked in $20 and the grand prize is up to $220. Amazing. I was ( and still am) amazed by how motivated my co-workers are about getting into shape. We are calling our competition “Fit Club” and I have to say I am really proud of everyone participating.

Our final weigh in date is August 8th and I am super excited to reach my goal of 20lbs loss. I joined a gym yesterday, despite a recent ankle injury. I plan on getting back in the game ASAP and in the mean time I’ll be weight lifting and toning up before I take the plunge into cardio workouts once my ankle is fully healed.




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