I hurt my ankle. Well actually my Achilles tendon to be exact for all you Type-A personalities reading this. I did it while jump kicking a T-rex in the throat. Yea I’m pretty bad ass that way.

What… you don’t believe me? Alright fine. I hurt my ankle while walking. Yea I was walking nonchalantly around and BAM! The next thing I know I was stopped dead in my tracks because I felt like I had stepped directly on to a piece of glass or something else really sharp and painful. I tried walking off the pain and I did a fairly good job at not letting the pain get to me. Until it started to get progressively worse.

Every now and then while walking I would feel a sharp pain shoot from my heel to my inner ankle and then to my midcalf. It wasn’t every step I took or even a certain amount of pressure. It just happened and when it would happen I couldn’t continue to walk. I had to stand still until the pain subsided. About a week of that went on and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I went to see my doctor and she gave me the grim news after poking, prodding, and twisting my ankle and foot. Achilles tendinitis. Boo. And to make things worse I have to wear a walking boot. Lame!

I have to wear this big, clunky, hot boot for at least a week.

Oh well. Ho hum such is life.

Happy Friday the 13th.


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