Lady Gaga Monster Ball 2011


I love Lady Gaga. I am a huge fan. My girlfriend, best friend and coworker are bigger fans, but I’m pretty close up there with them on the Monster scale I’m sure. A year and a few months ago Justine, her cousin Lisa and my best friend, Stephanie, all went to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball in December 2009 over in San Francisco. We waited just about 12 or 13 hours and made it to the front row.
That concert experience changed my musical life. I have never been in such a large crowd feeling more accepted and normal in my entire life. It was absolutely amazing to say the least. I took tons of pictures and looked Gaga in the eyes. I was speechless. Today Justine, Lisa and myself are venturing to our local arena and seeing her again. This time not so close and without my very best friend, because she seen the show in another city last night.

I am beyond excited. We bought our tickets last year for goodness sakes. 7 months ago to be exact, we bought them for Justine’s birthday and we paid nearly triple what we paid to see her over a year ago. I know every penny will be well spent.

I plan on taking more pictures tonight so until tomorrow’s post I’ll leave with these gems from her last concert.

Paws up little monsters,



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