Vinyl Vixen


I apologize to you all for leaving you in the lurch after my sudden and rather harsh outburst about college. I had to get it out there in the open how betrayed I felt by the entire college experience. Anywho- to lighten the mood I’m going to fill you all in on my newest obsession.

I am still obsessed with Disney’s Vinylmation figures, so much that I have recently added 5 more figures to our ever-growing collection. However, it my captivation with vinyl has gone to another level. This hobby has evolved if you will. No, I don’t like vinyl in that way, perv. I found a new line of vinyl figures that have caught my A.D.D. attention. I’m talking about Munnys.

I have known about Kid Robot for a few years now, I even own a couple of figures from their Futurama series. But, I’ve been more and more interested in creating or customizing my own vinyl figures and the Kid Robot DIY Mini Munnys are right up my alley.

I mean, they are affordable, completely blank and so damn cut. I can’t help myself when looking at pages and pages of already customized Munny and Dunny figures on Flickr. I mean seriously I think I lost 2 hours just the other day searching.

I have already printed out templates and invested in drawing essentials so that I can create my own line of custom Munny figures. I can’t wait till pay-day and then this weekend I’m running over to my local urban toy store to pick up my very first Munny.

I am such a nerd and you know what? I LOVE IT.




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