Obsession- Vinylmation


I have come to find out that I have a rather addictive personality. Sure it helps out in situations that call for persistence, like getting good grades, working hard to achieve goals, all that jazz. However, in certain cases it’s not so great. Take for example my newest obsession- Disney Vinylmations. As you may already know I love me some Disney and everything related. So, the last time we were in Disneyland in August 2010 I stumbled across Vinylmation toys, they are essentially collectible figurines made of vinyl much like those at Kidrobot.com. These figures are designed specifically for Disney and feature various artists in different series. They are pretty effin’ sweet and extremely addictive.

When you purchase a Vinylmation it comes in a sealed box and in certain series you cannot tell which figurine you’re buying. Each series has multiple different characters and so it’s a surprise which one you get when you pick a random box. At the Disneyland and California Adventure parks you are able to trade your figurines at different stores and with other park visitors. You can do the same thing at Walt Disney World and at certain Disney Stores. It’s a lot like gambling because you never know what you are going to get and it’s a rush when you get the figurine you want.

So back to last August, I purchased four Vinylmations and traded a few times at the park. I was new to the idea of buying and trading and I wasn’t quite sure where to go and who to talk to so I only traded about once or twice. I came home with the figurines above.

This time around when we visited last weekend I brought my four original figurines and traded Cookies (far left) and SpectroMickey (far right). I traded them several times and needless to say got a little carried away. We went to the park with 4 and came back with 24. Yes ladies and gentlemen we dropped a lot of cash on about 20 figurines. Ridiculous I know, but we have almost the entire Toy Story 3 series and several others from various series.

Below is our Toy Story 3 collection. Minus the Green Army Man and the chaser.

We have just started our collection, and notice I say ours because Justine has gotten a little addicted too. Our next series will be Villians and hopefully Holiday #2.




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