Disneyland Recap


I’m back kiddies. Justine and I got home around this time last night and we’ve been busting back into the swing of things since our journey to Disneyland. This time around I was able to celebrate my birthday early and for two days straight. Even though tomorrow is my real birthday, I quite enjoyed hearing cast members and fellow park visitors wish me a happy birthday.

Justine and I spent a little too much mula this time, but we only live once and we’ll learn from our mistakes. My parent’s gave me an awesome early present by purchasing a “Premium Annual Pass” which means I can visit Disneyland 365 days of the year without having to buy a black out day ticket. Thank you Mom and Dad! My little sister is baking me a Disney themed cake so I am super excited for that as well.

Anyways, I am still pretty plum tuckered out from all the fun we had over the weekend. T-minus 2 and a half hours until I am 23 years old. I now leave you with these pictures from our Disneyland weekend.




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