Coolest Dad Ever


I have the coolest dad. Seriously. You think your dad is top notch, but he’s a total nerd compared to my father.

Back when I was in the third or fourth grade I got in an argument with a fellow classmate. We were comparing how awesome our dad’s were and I pretty much won the argument. It went a little something like this:

Snot Nosed Girl: My dad has a new Honda.

Me: My dad has a super cool black truck.

SNG: My dad used to play football in college.

Me: My dad played football in high school and has tattoos.

SNG: My dad can cut down a tree.

Me: My dad can climb up telephone poles.

SNG: My dad can beat up a bear. (Obvious lie)

Me: My dad weighs more than yours! (And then I turned around and walked away.)

In my nine year old mind I figured bigger is better. My dad was and is a big man and so I threw down the ultimate diss. To this day my dad is still awesome. I mean does your dad play beer pong? Does your dad text and email from his cell phone? Does he know what Skype is and streams videos to his Wii from Netflix? Does he casually use LOL and OMG when you talk to him?

NO. That’s what I thought. I mean he’s the coolest dad ever. He always has my back and is there when I need pulling up. He is the master of grilling, I’m sorry if you think you’re pretty good at it but my dad can out cook/grill you any day of the week. Not to mention he throws the best parties and camping trips. There is nothing my dad cannot do. End of story. I understand that I may be a little biased, but hey it’s the truth.

My dad reminded me of his awesomeness when I called him this morning to see how his day was going and our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Hey Dad,

Dad: Hey what are you doing?

Me: Nothing just calling to see what you’re up to.

Dad: We just got home from church and breakfast.

Me: Nice. So-

Dad: When was the last time you went to church?

Me: Easter?

Dad: Fail. Here’s your mom.

Seriously? FAIL?! My own fifty-something year old dad told me “Fail.” Ha. Man, I have to give him an extra big hug the next time I see him.

Love you Dad.




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