I’m Fat


Ugh. I admit it. Well I’ve admitted to being fat hundred if not thousands of times before, but this time it’s different. I hate the feeling of being constantly tired. You know that feeling, the feeling of always wanting to to just lay down… Or maybe you don’t. Whatever don’t judge.
This year I promised myself I would change my eating habits and it’s a real struggle changing 20+ years of poor eating. I’m not a grazer, the kind of person that constantly snacks, in fact I only eat 3 meals a day. Where I was going wrong was the type of foods I would eat. I love going to a fast food restaurant, pointing to a number on a menu and receiving hot delicious food in return for money. Coupled with being in a committed relationship where my girlfriend doesn’t mind me being overweight I never really had a reason to lose the weight.

I mean sure who doesn’t want to be fit and attractive? I sure as hell do, but I don’t have anything to truly motivate me. In the past month I have lost 5 pounds but then I gained 2 pounds back because I’ve slipped up the last week or so. Boo. The only thing I can do is keep on keeping on.

I finally have something to motivate me. I have always wanted to wear a hoochie costume for Halloween but never had the body to wear something that revealing. I plan on buying a sexy costume and wearing it on Halloween. I will lose the weight. Just you watch.

Tomorrow is a new day. And I plan on owning it.



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