I love Gingers


I want to update as much as possible and today I was searching the depths of my mind of things to post about. A post about my dogs? My girlfriend? Disneyland? Churros? Seriously I thought of almost everything. Then it came to me, I think I have a thing for Gingers. You know red heads. Well let me preface the kind of Gingers I like, nothing like Carrot Top or that skate board guy, the “Fly Tomato” or whatever his name is, but the pale, freckled face red heads.

What is really bizarre is that my girlfriend of nearly eight fantastical years is by no means a Ginger. She has ashy brown hair although during the summer months she does have hints of freckles across her nose, but anyways I’m straying from the subject. Let me show you what I mean.

Michael C. HallMichael C. Hall- I’m not sure if you can really consider him a ginger, but his voice is to die for, I mean have you seen the commercial for the new Dodge Charger. His voice can seriously give anyone goosebumps not mention he plays a fantastic serial killer on Dexter. On a scale of 1 to 5 freckles he gets 4 freckles for awesomeness.

Kate Nash– This chick is adorable. I adore her British accents and kitschy, indie love songs. If only she actually had radio spins in the US she could be the next Lilly Allen minus the coke binges and retarded tweets. 4 freckles for this cutie.

Emma (Muthafunkin) Stone– I love her. I completely understand that she is a natural-born blond (shocker for some of you I’m sure) but I cannot express how much I adore this actress. She is hilarious, smart, gorgeous, what else? I don’t know but seriously she is my favorite actress and I pray to everything that is holy she does not go the way of a certain young ginger actress. *Cough* Lindsay Lohan *Cough* 5 freckles for this stunning faux ginger.
And now that it is almost time for Glee I conclude this edition of Tuesday random ramblings. Thank you and you cannot get back the five or so minutes it took you to read this. HA!



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